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Bringing Wikipedia live: Using animation for story telling: A new way of preserving oral history.

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Raphael Berchie

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Open Foundation West Africa

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Audio visuals bring life to stories, it adds color and perception and makes storytelling an easy task. OFWA recently signed an MoU with Animaxfyb Studios, a multimedia company with expertise in animations. This partnership gives OFWA access to animation pictures and videos about historical occurrences in Ghanaian history. It is hoped that these will be uploaded to commons for use on related Wikimedia projects.

This presentation is to introduce Wimimedians to the concept of using animation under free license on Wikimedia projects to tell stories that currently may not have a place on Wikipedia because of the non-acceptance of oral history in Academia. The session will also be used to solicit views from experienced Wikimedians about how we can leverage this new opportunity for other Wikimedia projects.

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Attendees will learn how to incorporate audiovisual animations in Wikimedia projects

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25 minutes

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