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WikiIndaba conference 2019/Submissions/Cross collaborations within the Open Movement

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Cross collaborations within the Open movement.
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Open Foundation West Africa

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he Open movement is a huge network of individual and organizations with different tools, software and projects but in the end the goals of all these organizations are the same that is promoting free access to knowledge, information or data.

This therefore suggests that there is a lot that can be achieved if volunteers collaborate on projects. It is a known fact that most volunteers only volunteer within one organization or project however to create relevance and longevity of these projects we need to cross collaborate to connect the benefits of each project to the other. For example geolocations added on OSM can end up on Wikipedia to improve context of location on Wikipedia which could return an interest of viewing that map data on OSM

This presentation is to expose participants to the interconnectivity within these organizations and how they can leverage on these to ensure maximum outputs in their respective projects. This will focus on Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Open Street Maps and Mozilla.

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Attendees will learn more about the other open movements and how their projects can be incorporated into Wikimedia projects.

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40 minutes

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