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Submission no. 038
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The AfroCine Project: Bridging the African Content Gap Through Pop Culture
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Sam (User:Jamie Tubers)
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Wikimedia UG Nigeria
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The AfroCine Project is a multi-country WikiProject which aims to encourage the contribution of content that relates to the historical and contemporary cinema, theatre, and arts sectors of several African countries, the Caribbean and the diaspora, to Wikimedia projects.

The Entertainment Industry in Africa is huge; the Nigerian cinema is currently ranked as the third largest film industry in the world, in terms of revenue and production output. Other major film industries in Africa include the cinemas of: Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt. All of these very active film industries are poorly represented on Wikimedia projects, as the available information about them is very scanty and difficult to access. The AfroCine Project aims to fix this gap. This will be achieved through varying methods, such as GLAM partnerships; editing workshops/edit-a-thon, writing/upload contests, etc, using the help of existing communities/affiliates in Africa and beyond.

One of the first major event organized by this project is the "Month(s) of African Cinema". This is a cross-project writing, and translating contest, which is currently going on from October to November 2018. This contest, as the name suggests will be dedicated to contributing knowledge about the cinema of various African countries to Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia.

What will attendees take away from this session?
This session aims to create awareness for this project. Learnings would be shared on what has worked and what hasn't worked so far in this project. It also aims to encourage people from various African communities and aligned groups to sign up, and to undertake activities covered in the scope of this project. The ultimate goal is to bridge the content gap about Africa.
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  • WikiCulture & Community
  • GLAM
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25 minutes
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There maybe few slides for projection.
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