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Timmylegend/WikiIndaba 2019 participation report

Event Name[edit]

WikiIndaba Conference 2019

My Input[edit]

This is my first international Wikimedia Conference experience. I was a local participant and I participated in different discussions including a review of the challenges and opportunities that abound in the local community.

Participant Experience[edit]

I had an amazing experience where I learnt a lot of things about the Wikimedia movement, while also connecting with other Wikimedians at the conference.

I had an amazing experience connecting with other wikiIndaba conference participants like;

  • Gereon Kalkuhl
  • AsafBartov
  • Quim Gill
  • Edith Violet
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Felix Nartey
  • Donatien Kangah
  • Candy Khohliwe
  • Aisha Adelowo
  • Geoffrey Kateregga


I was astonished on the amount of knowledge I gathered during the conference on other wiki projects that , we also shared our views the challenges we had and the success as well.m unaware of.

  • l gained insight on the challenges and opportunities from different User Groups.
  • I was able to understand the Wikimedia 2030 strategy better and it's importance to African communities.
  • I learnt about Art and Feminism, which I will be running a campaign in my community in 2020.

My Picture Appearances[edit]

Wiki indaba 2019 day three 18 57 55 910000
A group picture with Christel at WikiIndaba 2019