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Call for Volunteers

In November 2020, the Wikimedia community user group Uganda was supposed to host African Wikimedians in an in-person event in Kampala, Uganda. Disruptions brought by the COVID 19 pandemic made this impossible. They have however given us an opportunity to host the first ever virtual WikiIndaba conference.

We plan to make it the best and therefore call upon you who can lend your skills, passion and experience, to join our team of volunteers who will work with the core organising team of members of the Wikimedia community user group Uganda.

We have identified and defined roles that we believe can make our plan for this conference a reality. Planning such an event is an opportunity for us all to work with other Wikimedians.

What are the categories of roles?

  • Logistics
  • Conference program
  • Scholarships
  • Communication
  • Sponsors and Partnerships
  • Session hosts, facilitators and moderators
  • Info desk, trust and safety
  • Note takers.

Roles and responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of the logistics team?

  • Assist with conference logistics
  • Vendor Liaisons

What are the responsibilities of the conference Program team?

  • Create and manage the call for program contributions
  • Manage programming
  • Establish programming framework
  • Coordinate and execute community submission/acceptance process

What are the responsibilities of the Scholarships team?

  • Participate in periodic meetings
  • Determining scholarship applicant requirements
  • Review and edit scholarship material like application questions
  • Screen scholarship applications to select suitable candidates based on the established criteria
  • Due consideration and speedy response time to applicants is expected

What are the responsibilities of the communications team?

  • Spread important information about the event, before and after the conference
  • Update social media platforms
  • Create graphics and other pieces of visual information to explain the important information
  • Keep the international community up to date and involved throughout planning phase
  • Updating and managing the Wikiindaba wiki

What are the responsibilities of the Sponsors and partnerships team?

  • Identify potential local and international partners/sponsors
  • Inform potential partners about the work of the Wikimedia Movement
  • Keep in contact with the identified partners/sponsors
  • Organise and attend meetings with potential partners
  • Sign MOUs or other partner agreements

What are the responsibilities of the session hosts, facilitators and moderators?

  • Session hosts announce the speakers before the talks and lead the Questions & Answers (Q&A) sessions after the talks.
  • Session hosts read the speaker's bio and talk description and say 2-3 sentences about before the talk starts. During the talk the session hosts observes the Q&A pad.
  • Keep track of time

What are the responsibilities of the Info desk, trust and safety volunteers?

  • Info desk volunteers read the chat, and answer participants questions related to the conference.
  • Monitor the chat and discussion areas to ensure that the friendly space policy is adhered to.

What are the responsibilities of the Note takers?

  • Live note taking using Etherpad for each each session

What kind of qualifications are we looking for?

We are looking for the following qualifications for volunteers in the following teams

Logistics team

(maximum 2 volunteers)

Conference program team

(maximum 3 volunteers)

  • Event organization experience of virtual, in-person or hybrid events; previous organizers of events such as regional events, thematic events, meetups or Wikimanias
  • Collaborative approach as a principle
  • In good standing with the community and the Foundation
  • Members from anywhere in the world are welcome; the working language of the committee will be English

Scholarships team

(maximum 2 volunteers)

  • Fluent in English, etc
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of cross project Wikimedia community (meta, commons, Wikimedia)
  • Discretion and ability to handle confidential applicant information, and objectivity to assess candidates

Communication team

(maximum 2 volunteers)

  • Fluent in English, etc
  • Good communication skills in text
  • Graphical skills and can attract interest on social media platforms
  • Can engage an audience on social media without adds

Sponsors and Partnerships team

(maximum 2 volunteers)

  • Understands the Wikimedia Foundation and it's projects
  • Fluent in oral and written English communication
  • Willingness to learn new skills
  • Able to work remotely, in a team environment, and to independently complete tasks.
  • Can facilitate online and offline meetings.

Session hosts, facilitators and moderators

  • Previous experience as a session host
  • Can facilitate online and offline meetings.

Info desk, trust and safety volunteers

  • Good communication skills
  • A good understanding of the trust and safety policy

Note takers

  • Fast and accurate typing

How to apply and deadline

  • Send your application through this form by 7th September 2021;
  • Your support will help us make this the best conference, one that will leave you with positive memories.