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WikiIndaba conference 2021/Program/Strategy 2030 for dummies

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Strategy Strategy 2030 for dummies
Speakers : Mohammed Bachounda Time block: Sunday 7 November 2021 Start : 12:40
Location : Room B Duration : 25 minutes
Description :

When we talk about strategy 2030: it is the movement that is involved in the overall future of the Wikimedia movement. In 2017, a strategic direction was launched to guide the movement towards the future: "to make Wikimedia the essential infrastructure of the free knowledge ecosystem, and all those who share our vision will be able to join us". I'll tell you the story of the saga the movement went through to get to the implementation phase and what the future will look like. This presentation is designed for those who are new to strategy and want to learn more about the current state and future direction of the movement in a few simple words and examples.

Themes : Governance & Strategy
Tags : Wikimedia Strategy, Strategy 2030, African Wikimedians
Notes : #WikiIndaba2021_Strategy