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WikiIndaba conference 2021/Program/Swahili Wikipedia for SADC Countries

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Swahili Swahili Wikipedia for SADC Countries
Speakers : Antoni Mtavangu Time block: Sunday 7 November 2021 Start : 13:20
Location : Room A Duration : 55 minutes
Description :

In 2019, the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) adopted Swahili Language to be one of its fourth official languages. This has been a huge step towards formalizing and increase of consumption of the Swahili content online. Wikipedia being one of the biggest and most visited website/online encyclopedia, has the Wikipedia version namely Wikipedia ya Kiswahili(Swahili Wikipedia). Despite that SADC comprises of many countries, only few of these countries/communities has access/knowledge/awareness of how they can contribute to Swahili Wikipedia. Most of the Swahili administrators and contributors comes from East Africa (mainly Tanzania) and some from the diaspora individuals. Wikiindaba is good opportunity for the African Wiki contributors who come from the SADC countries to come together and get to know how they can be part of the Swahili Wikipedia content creators (editors, contributors and consumers of its contents). It is a good starting point for different communities to get to know each other and get some moment to spotlight other languages within Africa that can be contributed to Wikipedia by which some people have no awareness about them. It will be a good session to spotlight the standing of African Languages Wikipedias and gain experience from the people behind these projects.

Themes : Community topics, projects and development
Tags : SADC Countries, Swahili Wikipedia, African Community, Wikipedia Community
Notes : #WikiIndaba2021_Swahili