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WikiIndaba conference 2021/Program/WikiData4Education: Aligning the sum of all knowledge with school curricula

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : Wikidata4Education WikiData4Education: Aligning the sum of all knowledge with school curricula
Speakers : Ruby D. Brown Time block: Sunday 7 November 2021 Start : 11:40
Location : Room D Duration : 55 minutes
Description :

In 2020, the absence of curriculum documentation in digitally usable formats prevented education systems from being able to quickly and efficiently respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on face-to-face learning. The Wikidata for Education Project Ghana (WD4E) proposes to establish a data model within Wikidata and Wikibase to enable the easy aligning of national curricula to Wikimedia projects; and to make such information more discoverable for learners and educators. This data model will also; Make data about curricula readily available and machine-readable so that developers can create innovative solutions to education challenges. Create an education portal with curated content from Wikimedia projects and other open education resources that is aligned with school curricula. Give education stakeholders the ability to do a comparative analysis of curricula on a global scale. Supporting the Wikimedia volunteer editing community to improve content related to school curricula. Supporting countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide quality teaching and learning materials to all students, and comply with UNESCO’s OER Recommendation. Improving the capacity of the education system to provide contextualized learning opportunities. Closing knowledge gaps on Wiki projects through strategic alignment of content on Wikimedia projects with the localization needs of school systems.

Themes : Community topics, projects and development
Tags : School Curricula, Linked Open Data, Wikidata, Education
Notes : #WikiIndaba2021_Wikidata4Education