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WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" WJM, WikiJMed, Wiki.J.Med., WikiJMed, Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal WikiMed, Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

This is a summary of technical features that would be valuable for improving the functionality of WikiJournals as part of the sister project proposal.

Technical feature list (10=highest)
Feature Priority Feasibility Current method Phabricator ticket
Simple forms to submit articles, reviews, and editorial applications 9 ? form, form, and on-wiki
Figures using [[file:...]] syntax automatically numbered and attributed 10 ? v:Template:Fig
One-click assignment of DOIs to accepted articles, pointing to specific article version 9 ? this manual process
Ability to annotate version history to indicate which one(s) DOIs refer to 7 ? none
One-click emails and automated reminders to peer reviewers 8 ? message examples
Email addresses with the domain name ending 4 ? google gsuite for non-profits
Automated emails/dashboard for notifications of: new submissions, reviews, publications, editorial applications 7 ? manual
Pages only viewable to some users to discuss potential peer reviewers to contact 4 ? private mailing lists
Ability for accounts to reveal identity to restricted user subset (e.g anon peer reviewers, or double-blinded authors) 10 ? stored in google document (sample)
cross-wiki transclusion from Wikipedia 5 ? import from Wikipedia, peer review, publish, then copy back to Wikipedia
Import of latex to mediawiki 1 ? via copypaste
Import of docx to mediawiki (especially inline references) 6 ? via copypaste
Convert wikimarkup into JATS-compliant XML 9 ? only metadata converted via v:Template:Article_XML
Convert published articles to DOCX or PDF with customisable layout, formatting and front page 9 ? docx templates
Article namespace wikilinks default point to wikipedia (and dropdown suggestions) 10 ? [[w:X|X]] for all links in article using v:Template:Convert_links T188871
Different talkpage comment formatting for users with different roles (spontaneous_reviewer / invited_reviewer / author / editor) 3 ? v:Template:Review, v:Template:Response, v:Template:Editor comments (example)
Automated plagiarism reports at key checkpoints (submission and publication) 6 ? this manual process
Automate summary tracking of article status (reviews, author responses, doi, pdf etc) 9 ? as table
Categorise users as author/reviewer/editor for a particular page 3 ? none
Namespace unreviewed articles e.g. Draft: or Preprint: 8 10 as list and also automatically stored in category
Synchronize article metadata on Wikidata (including e.g. reviewers and handling editor) 10 ? only stored in v:Template:Article_info
Addition of published articles to Wikidata 7 ? sourcemd tool and manual
Different default formatting in different namespaces (e.g. level 2 headers) 8 ? v:Template:WikiJournal_h2
WikiJournal-specific sidebar items (especially "Cite this page") and homepage 10 8 only top menu bar and WikiJournal User Group main page
Ability to change the license listed at the bottom of the page (or omit, or state 'CC-BY unless otherwise stated') 10 10 License at bottom of page sometimes contradicts infobox
Integrated sign-in with orcid? 2 ? none
Auto-update journal's homepage when an article is accepted 9 10 this manual process
Log in with ORCID (also possibly auto-generate starting user page from ORCID) 2 ? none
Other non-technical wishlist items
Item Priority Notes
Advice on best website domain name to host from (e.g. wikijournal(s).org / journal(s) / journal(s).wiki / 10
Promotion, PR, press releases 8
Logo optimization by professional graphic designer 2