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WikiLeaders is an educational project that aims to memorize the legacy of the tunisian leaders who contributed in the process of building the modern Tunisia we all know now, in all fields : Medicine, politics, litterature, Technology, etc.

The project is divided into phases according to the fields our leaders innovated in. And in The project aims to engage tunisian university students to write and know about our human heritage. That’s why every phase will be conducted with a local partner : a university student’s organization, to facilitate the communication, co-organize the workshops and recruit the volunteers.


Houssem Abida

Houssem Abida

Phase1 : Leaders in Medicine[edit]

Medicine school of Tunis

Local Partner : Associa-Med Tunis[edit]

Associa-Med Tunis is the main association of medical students in the Medicine school of Tunis. It was founded in 1985 and it has more than 1500 members who are medical students, interns and residents. The association works mainly on the student life in the school by organizing trainings to improve its members soft-skills, host local cultural and scientific events, and organize national and international meetings to introduce the tunisian medical students to the internaional medical community.


Emna Makhlouf (Local coordinator)



User: Meriem Mehrez

User: Laklouka13

User: Zaineb03

User: Wyssal aloui

User: AsmaGalaï

User: Oumayma Ben Abdallah

User: Aicha Kalfat

Marwen Zouari

Youcef Henane User: Tahertli

List of leaders[edit]

English French Arabic
Abdeljelil Zaouche fr:Abdeljelil Zaouche ar:عبد الجليل الزاوش
Tahar Zaouche fr:Tahar Zaouche ar:طاهر الزاوش
Saâdeddine Zmerli fr:Saadeddine Zmerli ar:سعد الدين زمرلي
Hassine Bouhageb fr:Hassine Bouhageb ar:حسين بو حاجب
Tawhida Ben Cheikh fr:Tawhida Ben Cheikh ar:توحيدة بالشيخ
Bechir Ben Naceur fr:Bechir Ben Naceur ar:
Bechir Hamza fr:Bechir Hamza ar:بشير حمزة
Slayem Ammar fr:Slayem Ammar ar:سليم عمار
Emna Mnif fr:Emna Mnif ar:آمنة منيف
Abdelaziz Ghachem fr:Abdelaziz Ghachem ar:عبد العزيز غاشم
Mahmoud El Materi fr:Mahmoud El Materi ar:محمود الماطري
Mohammed El Kassab fr:Mohamed El Kassab ar:محمد القصاب
Mongi Ben Hamida fr:Mongi Ben Hamida [[:ar:منجي بن حميدة]]
Zouhair Essefi fr:Zouhair Essefi ar:زهير السافي
Brahim Gharbi fr:Brahim Gharbi ar:براهيم الغربي
Salah Azaiez fr:Salah Azaiez ar:صالح عزيز
Mohamed Fourati fr:Mohamed Fourati ar:محمد فراتي
Amor Chedli fr:Amor Chedli ar:عمر الشاذلي
Hassouna Ben Ayed fr:Hassouna Ben Ayed ar:حسونة بن عياد
Mohamed Habib Chalbi Belkahia fr:Mohamed Habib Chalbi Belkhahia ar:محمد الحبيب الشلبي بالكاهية
Rachid Mechmech fr:Rachid Mechmech ar:رشيد مشماش


  • Media comapign and call for volunteers
  • 1st workshop : Introduction to Wikimedia, Wikipedia and WikiCommons

The workshop was held in the 20th of March 2018 in the medicine school of Tunis.

  • 2nd Workshop

Recap, what's left to be done The workshop was held in the 13th of March 2018 in the medicine school of Tunis