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What is the WikiLearn platform?[edit]

WikiLearn is a learning management platform that will host self-guided and live courses developed by and for the Wikimedia community.

Online learning is a one way the Community Development team can support Wikimedians across the movement and provide access to resources/tools related to capacity building and leadership development. WikiLearn makes it possible for volunteers to learn the skills related to capacity building and leadership development at their own pace.

WikiLearn is run by the Community Development team, and initially offers courses created by Foundation staff. As we continue to evolve some governance mechanisms for the platform, it will become open for contribution from all Wikimedia contributors.The current courses are published in English with potential translation possible in FY 22-23.

Current courses available[edit]

  1. Introduction to Building Partnerships - This course will provide an in-depth curriculum on how to develop meaningful programmatic and organizational partnerships within the movement and with external partners.
  2. Identify and Addressing Harassment - This short, introductory course will focus on developing skills that will help volunteers empathetically respond to online harassment .

Who can sign up?[edit]

All Wikimedians with an active Wikimedia account can login to the WikiLearn platform using their Wikimedia identity (OAuth) without needing a separate account.

Contact information[edit]

If you have any questions or concerns about the courses or the WikiLearn learning management system, please email the Community Development team at

Privacy statement[edit]

The WikiLearn platform is powered by Open edX, free software. The software is hosted by Edly. The Wikimedia Foundation Legal team has reviewed Edly's privacy policy. For more information about our privacy practices, please refer to our non-wiki privacy policy.