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The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

WikiLoves Green is an upcoming global project aiming to plant a tree for every 20 articles created on any Wikimedia Projects. There are many people around the internet who love greenery, those who wish to plant trees but for umpteen reasons they are unable to execute their noble plans. For those who love greenery, Wikipedia is making an effort to make the world even more friendly place where nature and the "sum of all human knowledge" will unite. Let's give the largest encyclopedia another reason to exist. By creating articles during the WikiLoves Green, you volunteer to make the world even better place. And the addition of more contents and more new volunteers on the project, that's somewhat as well as a bonus.

As of June 2016, the project is under-construction.


WikiLoves Green is dedicated to work for the habitat conservation using a method never before been tried. The Wikipedia after starting in 2001 it is now the largest encyclopedia in the world with 5 million articles alone on English Wikipedia. After this many years of sharing knowledge, Wikipedia along with knowledge, and community of the most civil people in the planet, planning to do something more to benefit the Earth- planting trees. The aim is to plant a tree for every 20 articles created on all 293+ Wikipedia Projects. On average all the Wikipedia projects (all languages) produces around 15,000 articles per month. If we run WikiLoves Green for a month, and could get that many articles, then in just a month we would plant as many as 750 saplings. With the motive so noble, it can be assumed that Wikipedia might notice a rise in the monthly total articles creation, which would be a bonus for the community. Now just think that in a whole year, we would garden 9000 trees. On average, according to scientific researches, one young tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year, and 9000 trees would produce as much as 2340000 pounds, that's huge isn't it? That is what we aim to achieve. There is nothing better when knowledge and nature unite.

Presently, the program is been coordinated by Jim Carter in association with Wikimedia India Chapter and would likely come directly under Wikimedia Foundation's governance soon.


For details or queries regarding WikiLoves Green, please contact Jim Carter.