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Introductory remarks[edit]

[text only]
  • How to use the platform France université numérique (FUN)
  • MOOC General presentation
    • Scheduling (mainly live sessions)
    • Progress, evaluation, certification
    • Communication tools between learners and teaching staff: forum, direct exchanges on Wikipedia [one of the main focus of this MOOC], video live sessions, etc.
  • Link to the FAQ and to en:Wikipedia:Be_Bold

First week[edit]

The five pillars & the Wikipedia movement (theoretical background), registration (practical background)[edit]

  • General introduction to Wikipedia and the fundamental principles (FP):
    • 1st/2nd FP : Defining what Wikipedia and an encyclopedic article is about (sum of knowledge on a specific subject written in a neutral way)
    • 4th/5th FP : Wikipedia is written by volunteers without any restrictions other than the collaborative procedures
    • 3rd FP : Overview of what free license publishing is on wikipedia (especially from an author's point of view)
  • Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement history
  • How the Wikimedia movement operates: Wikimedia Foundation as host, wiki (Mediawiki) as technology, donation-based funding, no advertising
[Interactive tutorial] + [video]
  • GuidedTour howtos.
  • Registration on Wikipedia: account creation, setting preferences (language, notifications, mail, time zone)

First insight of what contributing is about (practical part)[edit]

  • General interface overview
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Articles interface: interwiki links, talk page, other links (history, edit links)
  • VisualEditor (VE) and wiki markup introduction
  • Introductory layout with both tools (wiki markup & VE): italic and bold
[Interactive tutorial]
  • User interface overwiew: user page, talkpage, draft, user contributions
  • Creating your own userpage
  • Writing a message to somebody on a talkpage
[Interactive tutorial]
  • First edits on draft with VE.

Second week[edit]

Advanced contributions : histories, watchlists, visual editing[edit]

[video] + [Interactive tutorial]
  • Article history and watchlists
  • When and how to revert an edit with the page history
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Practising:
    • a) Reverting a mistake in the sandbox (draft)
    • b) Finding & Publishing a previous draft version
[video] + [Interactive tutorial]
  • Focus on the layout, "wikification" (with VE):
    • When and how to add internal links (≠ EL)
    • Adding sections and subsections
    • How to access VE helpguide
    • Adding an internal link on talkpages (with wiki markup)

Sources and references[edit]

  • Viewing sources in articles
  • Verifiability, no original research.
  • Copyright violation and plagiarism
  • Different types of sources:
    • Primary sources (and their limits)
    • Secondary sources
    • Applying these principles on Wikipedia
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Trick: creating several drafts
  • Adding sourced contents:
    • adding a footnote citing a source;
    • reusing an existing footnote citing a source
    • modifying an existing footnote
    • deleting an existing footnote
    • adding section and template needed to display all footnotes

Live session[edit]

Question and answer session with 3 members of the teaching staff.

Third week[edit]

Announcing the transfer from the FUN platform to the dedicated Wikipedia forum[edit]

Transfer of all discussions from the FUN (MOOC platform) forum to the Wikipedia forum.

Discovering the community : namespaces, statuses, community forums[edit]

  • User's status (IP, registered users, sysops, bureaucrats, oversights)
  • Namespaces
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Using an article talkpage
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Other community spaces (Village Pump, RfD, elections, polls, wikiprojects, etc.)

Encyclopedic style[edit]

  • Table and basic structure of an article, encyclopedic style
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Adding categories and portals with gadgets

Live session[edit]

Question and answer session with 3 members of the teaching staff.

Fourth week[edit]

Creating the first article[edit]

  • A) How to find the subject of your first article
  • B) Eligibility criteria
  • C) Naming norms
[text only]
  • D) Sandbox article creation
    • Recap
[text only]
  • E) Exercice

Asking for proofreading[edit]

[Interactive tutorial]
  • Asking for proofreading on a dedicated page

Live session[edit]

Question and answer (focusing mainly on homework topic "creating an article" ) session with 3 members of the teaching staff.

Fifth week[edit]

Using Wikimédia Commons to insert images[edit]

  • Commons overview
[Interactive tutorial]
  • Commons advanced exploration
  • Add an existing Commons file on Wikipedia
[Interactive tutorial]
  • What kind of files can be uploaded on Commons
  • Uploading a file on Commons
  • Choosing a license

Optional : Editing [ sourcecode ][edit]

[Interactive tutorial]

A) Basic wiki markup (reminder) and advanced wiki markup:

  • Reminder: bold, italic, internal link (new: anchors with #)
  • New: section headings, EL, bullet lists, pictures
  • New: footnotes tags: ref, ref name, ref group

B) Advanced presentation of templates:

  • Templates goal
  • Templates operation (template namespace, documentation, parameter and value notions)

C) Examples (3) of useful templates

For each template example: goal + how to use it

In addition: how to get information and learn to use a specific template


  • Submitting the practical exercice plus peer evaluation plus explanation of the marking scheme

Sixth week[edit]

Exercice evaluation[edit]

Until Saturday night of the 6th week.

Live session[edit]

Question and answer (essentially about peer evaluation) session with 3 members of the teaching staff

Other Wikimedia projects[edit]

  • Overview of other Wikimedia projects

Actual contributing examples[edit]

  • Different types of contributor and ways of contributing : article writing, proofreading, maintenance, live patrol, projects, IRL actions like edit-a-thons, national chapters, etc...

Draft publishing and concluding remarks[edit]

[Interactive tutorial]
  • How to publish your draft (renaming)
  • MOOC Conclusion