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WikiMedistas Wayúu

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This page is a translated version of the page WikiMedistas Wayúu and the translation is 92% complete.
Antüshii jia wanainmüin

Wikimedistas Wayuu
We are a group of editors and collaborators in building a Wikipedia and a Wiktionary in the Wayuunaiki language. This group is made up of teachers and activists from different territories and areas of the Colombian-Venezuelan Guajira.

If you want to learn and join to our group write us to the post: wikimedistas.wayuu@gmail.com. Or join through Telegram, also in WhatsApp

Below you will find a table of activities specifying the places, dates and topics to be worked on, so that you can join the event of your interest.


Group objectives



  • Promote Wikimedia projects for and with the participation of the Wayuu community.


  • Support the editing process in the Wikipeetia and Wikipütchimaajatü projects to achieve the exit of both from the Wikimedia Incubator.
  • Establish alliances within and outside the Wayuu community with local actors linked to the Wikimedia community.
  • Establish alliances with other indigenous groups in the region.
  • Generate strategies thought out with the teaching sector to use Wikimedia projects in classrooms.

Documents of interest

Strategic Plan 2022-2025 PDF


The activities we usually carry out are:

  • Editathons
  • Talks, workshops and conferences.
  • Promotion of Wikimedia projects in indigenous territory.
  • Organisation of editing and photography competitions.
  • Organisation and planning of collaborative initiatives with educational and cultural institutions.

Schedule of activities

How to participate

Wikimedistas Wayuu has an initial group of more than 20 people, leaders from various regions of the Venezuelan Colombo Guajira, with whom the process of territorialization and rapprochement with local communities began from the wayuu notion.

It is easy to be part of our group, you just have to write to us through our contact channels, which are indicated in the header of this page or through our social networks indicated in below. From the first contact, we invite you to participate in our activities or to organize a workshop of your interest at your school, institution or community.

Members list

General list of editors participants of the projects Wikimedia from the Guajira colombo-Venezuelan


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