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Pembicara dari sesi ini
Adila Alfa Krisnadhi, Ph.D.
Fariz Darari, Ph.D.
Alamat surel
Daerah asal
Depok, Jawa Barat
Afiliasi, jika ada (organisasi, perusahaan etc.)
Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Indonesia

Tipe sesi

Presentasi dan tanya jawab

Durasi sesi

45 menit (30 menit presentasi + 15 menit tanya jawab)


Pada sesi lokakarya ini, kami akan berbagi pengalaman tentang pengerjaan proyek Pengembangan Konten Indonesia pada Wikidata:

  • BudayaKB

Here we aim to develop Indonesian cultural contents in Wikidata. They are extracted from Wikipedia Indonesia articles about Indonesia provinces and cities, so imported items in this project refer to and enrich existing entities in Wikidata, which are provinces and cities in Indonesia. For example, Budayakb is able to extract the Angling Dharma legend (= folklore) from the Temanggung Regency Indonesian Wikipedia page. We enrich the respective entity page in Wikidata by adding the information about Indonesian alias, location (and reference), country (and reference), and type information. BudayaKB is openly available at

  • OD2WD

Recently, there have been initiatives to publish more and more structured data on the Web. Wikidata is a community-driven effort to provide data, that is part of Wikimedia family. On the other hand, Open Data portals in Indonesia (e.g.,,, and are publishing valuable data related to Indonesia. Statistically, Wikidata describes over 54 million entities, while, for instance, has nearly 80000 datasets. Even though Wikidata and Open Data portals in Indonesia share a common goal of publishing data, there is still a wide gap in how data provided by those parties can be linked to each other. This interoperability issue hinders not only data consuming but also data publishing itself.

The main challenge of the project is how to provide a semantic bridge between Wikidata and Open Data portals in Indonesia, providing linking between those data publishers. Concretely, the project task is two-fold: (1) Data Import: Identify what data in Open Data portals of Indonesia can potentially be imported to Wikidata, create a framework for such imports, and implement imports as showcases; and (2) Semantic Enrichment: Analyze what data in Open Data portals of Indonesia can potentially be enriched by linking with Wikidata entities, create a framework for such semantic enrichment, and as showcases, implement the proposed semantic enrichment over the Open Data portal's datasets and demonstrate its added value (e.g., through the use of API or SPARQL queries).

Apa yang dapat dipelajari oleh peserta dari sesi ini?
  1. Mempelajari Wikidata secara lebih dalam lagi
  2. Motivasi untuk pengayaan konten Indonesia pada Wikidata
  3. Teknik pengayaan konten pada Wikidata
  4. Serap pendapat dari peserta terkait pengayaan konten Indonesia pada Wikidata
Salindia dan informasi lebih lanjut

Peserta yang tertarik dengan sesi ini[edit]

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