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WikiPod How To

This is the start of building out a how-to guide for anyone interested in forming, joining, leading or learning about WikiPods

How to find a WikiPod

  • searching by local area
    • in this section a user should be able to search or find a wikipod meetup in their local area-- this could be a zipcode search, or a self idenitified by category ie WikiPod User:US:California:San Francisco
  • searching by topic/activity
    • In this section a user could search by wikipod topic (we would have to set some preset categoties such as walking tours, media outreach, musuem visits, pub meetup, etc)

How to join a WikiPod

  • contacting the WikiPod leader
    • leaders will need to decide when they form a group if they prefer to give out their email or user name. There should be talk page where new folks can leave questions/suggestions. Leaders should be encouraged to respond to all inquiries (maybe we can set up an automated response system), welcoming new folks and introducing them to wikipods
  • proposing an activity
    • wikipods can be pre-determined specific activity wikipods, or just geographic focused wikipods. They should be encouraged to welcome ideas (as well as share responsibility).
  • what to expect
    • there should be in the welcome message as well as on the wikipod page the expectations that both attendees and leaders should have of and for each other. It could be that, they will only host event on certain time/days, they want to be contacted in a specific way, as well as the promotion of consensus

How to form a WikiPod

  • How to create a WikiPod page
    • this should be a simple, click through process that provides templates for new leaders to choose from. There should be a section that asks if they are already familiar with editting wikis and if so, move on, and if not, directs them first to the "how to create a wiki page". If they are already familiar, then then can move on, and define what type of group they want to form.
  • How to attract members
    • for attracting members we should look at how [1] contacts new members and lets people know about groups. They do a good of sending out messages to those intersted in specific categories and live in a given area.
  • WikiPod activities
    • This is be a list of potential activities, examples of what has been a success, what hasn't been a success, as well as a place where new ideas can be listed.
  • How to interact with community members
    • This should focus on how to interact with current and potential community members, both online and in person. It can be a place where email templates (such as welcomes, reminders etc), are available for use. It should also link to suggestions for consensus building/mediation.
  • How to get help from others (local chapter, local users, WikiMedia foundation)
    • list of resources for hwo to contact these groups
  • How to assist attendees in contributing to WikiMedia
    • this can link to the how to contribute page (how to edit, what is a good/bad content to contribute, other ways to [|volunteer]
  • How to record WikiPod activities
    • follow up on what you did, where you went, who participated, links to contributions/photos/etc