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Wikimedia WikiProject Deaf or, in short, Wikimedia Deaf and WikiProject Deaf is a Wikimedia user group and proposed thematic organization. The group promotes the development of content on Wikimedia projects which is of interest to Deaf communities.

Deaf Wikipemians! (eh?)

Fill the gaps![edit]

  1. . Commons:Category:Videos needing subtitles - this is a growing list. Here is how to solve it Timed Text in videos (subtitles/captions).
  2. . {{captions requested}}, you can add this template to the videos that lack closed captions
  3. . Commons:Category:Deafness


This is a WikiProject Deaf .

To add to the list, put the template {{User WikiProject Deaf}} in your userpage. Also you can add here, if you want:

Our WikiProject Deaf in other Sisters[edit]