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Wikimedia Commons is an essential part for this project to become successful. To make it easy to educate, good illustrations and other media is important and because of the global scale of the project it is important that from the start consider making it easy to localize all media files. If some small pointers are taken into consideration before files are created/uploaded they can easily be reused across language versions and projects.

Making sure files are as reusable as possible[edit]

Some useful hints:

  • Try not to use text in bitmap images. Instead use colours as legends, which then can be translated on the description page.
  • For vector graphics (SVG), consider adding translations if they have text with this tool.
  • For videos, provide a transcript, or even better, subtitles which can be translated on Commons using the closed cap template.

Batch uploads[edit]

Batch uploads can be an important part of the project. For instance over 9,000 files from Sustainable Sanitation Alliance have been uploaded and is a great resource for articles in this topic area. If you find sets of media that are suitable for batch uploads, please list them below.

Origin Type of content Amount of files License Batch upload assigned?

Finding resources[edit]