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WikiProject ESD / Wikiversity

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This is the very special part of this project. Not only are we producing a solid knowledge base on Wikipedia and good handbooks on Wikibooks, we are also creating good resources on how education for sustainable development can be conducted, which of course is essential for ESD. Curriculums, courses, MOOCs, learning modules and more can be part of this and all is taking place on Wikiversity.

As Wikiversity is still a quite "young" project in the Wikimedia family, it is sometimes hard to know exactly how you are supposed to use it. Most languages versions embraces that by being open to experimentation. If you have an idea for an educational resource that do not fit on Wikibooks, Wikiversity is probably the right place to try it out. Do remember to be open for discussion and respectful of other community members arguments, these general guidelines may not be suitable for a specific language version.

This also means that there are probably not one correct way to conduct Education for Sustainable Development but that there can be a multitude of ways. The good news is that "forking" or creating variations of learning resources to suit your way of teaching is not only possible but encouraged. And don't be afraid to suggest improvements on existing resources. Wikiversity is supposed to be a living and developing platform for learning materials.