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Welcome to the Õõutveäkka depictathon![edit]

Wikimedia Finland arranges a depictathon at the market fair in the 70-year anniversary of the resettlement of the Skolt Saami in Finland. Below you can find images of the Saami culture. We will advise how you can enhance information about them by depicting them in your own language, or identifying places, things or people.

Tervetuloa Õõutveäkkan kuvailumarkkinoille![edit]

Wikimedia Suomi ry järjestää työpajapisteen Kolttasaamelaisten asuttamisen 70-vuotisjuhlan markkinoilla. Alle on koottu Wikimedia Commonsiin tallennettuja saamelaiskulttuurin kuvia. Neuvomme, kuinka voit parantaa niiden tietoja kuvailemalla niitä omalla kielelläsi, tai tunnistamalla paikkoja, asioita, esineitä tai henkilöita.

Find Saami images on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

We will add illustration to help you find images in Wikimedia Commons. Below you can find a few starting points for looking around.

Sami culture[edit]


Skolt Sami[edit]

How to describe the images[edit]

We will create illustrations about these actions to help you describe the image.

  • Add a caption in your language
  • Link to the topics that the image depicts
  • Add places and other more advanced information
  • Add new topics to link to

Find more images to add to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Try finding openly available images in Finna, Europeana or Creative Commons Search.

You can upload your own image, if you are the photographer. You can also upload pictures takes by other people, if they are no longer in copyright. See help pages about uploading.