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WikiLoop is an umbrella program for a series of technical projects intended to contribute datasets and editor tools from the technical industry back to open knowledge world. This program was originally conceived as a virtuous circle: providing data and tools to enhance human editor's productivity, and making the Wikipedia editorial input more machine-readable for open knowledge institutions, academia, and researchers interested in advancing machine learning technology. It originated at Google as the missing link in the data loop: the Knowledge Graph relies on the open knowledge source to be healthy. This is the reason the program focuses its efforts on tools that can improve the content quality of Wikipedia.

There are three principles observed in projects that form part of WikiLoop:

  • they improve the knowledge source
  • they maximize neutrality
  • they empower humans and bootstrap machines

WikiLoop is led by Xinbenlv, with communication and outreach support by María Cruz.

List of active tools


It currently contains several efforts.

WikiLoop Coalition: Join the conversation


A network of large-scale users of free knowledge trying to close the loop by updating Wikidata. See Coalition.