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MetaProject on open proxies MetaProject on open proxies (verified users list)
This page is part of the MetaProject on open proxies, and lists users that can verify open proxies for the MetaProject. If you would like to become a verified user, please contact a verified administrator. Please do not add users to this page unless you are a verified administrator. Users on the protected verified-members list are trusted to accurately verify open proxies. They should have a working knowledge of open proxies, w:anonymity networks, and (for administrators) range blocking. The recommended prerequisites are at least 400 edits with no record of abuse and a month of activity, but these may be waived or modified at the verifying administrator's discretion.

This table lists active accounts only.

Verified users by project

Multiple projects

Username meta en.wb en.wp en.wt commons
Deon555 editor editor

Dferg Support admin editor
Geo.plrd editor editor editor editor
Ilmari Karonen editor editor
Naconkantari Support admin Support admin
Pathoschild Support admin Support admin Support admin Support admin
Tawker editor editor Support admin
Mike.lifeguard Support admin Support admin Support admin
Kanonkas editor Support admin

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