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Downloads of Coordinates[edit]

SQL Format[edit]
CSV Format[edit]
KML Format[edit]

In the free Software Google Earth is it possible to use own data and to connect this with a website.


Adding Coordinates[edit]

Finding Places and add Coordinates[edit]

On one search for a place and the coordinates show up. They can be entered as {{coord|lat|lon}}

Google-Maps-Tool for the determination of coordinates and markup-building[edit]

On GISWiki the Tool hjl_get_Coor has been developed, that takes the coordinates from Google Maps and builds the {{coor d|...}} or <geo>...</geo> markup.

There is a version for the English , Dutch and German Wikipedia available.

Google-Earth-Tool for the determination of coordinates and markup-building[edit]

A tool with the based on the GISWiki tool can be found at There is a crosshair in the middle of the screen in Google Earth. Place the cross hair exactly over the place and click on it. Then follow the link to specification.


Involved Wikipedia-Projects[edit]