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As of today, May 13, 2007, the domain described here goes to a domain squatter. Has WikiPulse moved? Closed down? If you know, please update this page.

WikiPulse is a website created and maintained by user Alterego that compiles various project statistics from many useful sources. The thorough text summaries are refreshed hourly, while the graphs are quietly updated every few seconds. The goal of WikiPulse is to provide a centralized location for wiki enthusiasts to get up-to-date on the latest numbers, and to eventually provide data about the data (computer generated meta-data) after enough has been gathered to be useful. See the screenshot to the right for an example. Also, this page on Bloglines allows you to visually compare the numbers hour-to-hour.

If you have ideas for new statistics to be added, please leave a message on the talk page. Many of the current statistics are from suggestions.

For statistics for a project in another language, please translate Special:Statistics from that project and post the translation on the talk page. The reason for this is that not all projects have their statistics in the same order, and it is difficult for an english speaker to figure out what number is what.

Additional notes[edit]

Keep in mind that the output is dynamic, so not all statistics will be shown at all times if the data was not retrievable. This prevents blank fields or unexpected numbers from showing up. It should also be expected that web pages will change occasionally, disabling a certain sentence in the script. Thankfully, fixing this is the easiest part, and only takes a couple of minutes.

If you are a webmaster and I am using your data, just leave a message on the talk page if you would like me to stop or if you require additional attribution.

You can use the data[edit]

If you would like to use the data in your own application, I generate comma-separated values, also updated hourly, which are located here. The format is specified within the text file. If I was unable to retrieve a piece of data the field will be left blank and there will be two (or more) successive commas. The most common occurance of this are the first five fields, as these are the fields for the data from w:Special:Statistics. During peak wiki hours the database is often unable to satisfy the request.

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