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This is a proposal for a new WMF sister project.
Status of the proposal
Statusstalled (see here how to re-open it)
ReasonNo supporters other than proposer after 7 years. * Pppery * has returned 19:35, 3 June 2019 (UTC)

There are many free software projects out there. A large number of them are available on well-known source code repositories like Google Code, SourceForge and GitHub, but others are scattered throughout the Internet, such as on the author's personal home page. This normally wouldn't be a problem, except smaller websites are more likely to become defunct over time. Sometimes authors will even decide that they don't want to release their work under a free license anymore and actually remove it from their own websites, like in the case of Paint.NET and Nessus. And if the software isn't mirrored, it's likely gone for good.

Therefore, I am proposing WikiSoftware, a Wikimedia wiki for mirroring free software. It'll only be for storing public releases; in other words, it won't have bug trackers or revision control, etc. The wiki will be similar to Wikimedia Commons: binaries, libraries and source code are compressed and uploaded, along with a description of the files.

This project would be very useful because:

  1. A centralized repository of free software (analogous to Wikimedia Commons for free media files) would be very beneficial.
  2. It's easier to find obscure free software.
  3. Unless the Wikimedia Foundation shuts down, which is very unlikely, anything uploaded to WikiSoftware (save for copyright violations) is likely to stay for a long time.

Proposed by[edit]

Alternative names[edit]

  • WikiCode
  • WikiSourceCode

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Potential issues[edit]

  • Copyright violations.
  • Dealing with non-free files that come with free software packages. Do we allow such uploads, or should we filter out the binary blobs?
  • Determining the criteria for inclusion.
  • We also need guidelines on what type of releases should be uploaded (as we probably don't want developers to use this as a source code hosting service).

People interested[edit]

  1. Ixfd64 (talk)