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WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign Report Page

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WikiSound Audio Speaks Campaign Report Page.

Participating Communities[edit]

Events Communities Mentors Dashboard Category
1 Hausa Gwanki and Hussaini https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/courses/WPWA_Campaign/WPWA_Hausa_Community
2 Yoruba . . . . .
3 Igbo Iwuala Lucy https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/Igbo
4 Fulbe Musaddam https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/courses/Fulfulde_Wikipedia/Fulfulde_Wikipedia_WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign/home
5 English Aliyu shaba and Amina Jiya https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/courses/Wikisounds_Audio_Speak_Campaign_English_2023/Wikisounds_Audio_Speak_Campaign_English_2023/home Category:Wikisound_Audio_Speak_Campaign_English_2023

In-person and Online Training[edit]

Audios and impact[edit]

The Following are the audios uploaded as a result of training and campaign for the midterm report, the result might increase anytime

Old metrics[edit]

Category "WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign_Audios_2023" has 636 files.

Site Images used
ha.wiktionary 99
en.wikipedia 3
meta.wikipedia 1
Total image usages 103
Distinct images used 99 (15.57% of all images of category)

New update[edit]

Category "WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign_Audios_2023" has 656 files.

Site Images used
ha.wiktionary 303
de.wiktionary 29
en.wiktionary 9
en.wikipedia 2
meta.wikipedia 2
ha.wikipedia 2
sl.wikipedia 1
Total image usages 348
Distinct images used 307 (46.80% of all images of category)

Old metrics[edit]

Wikisound_Audio_Speak_Campaign_English_2023" has 249 files.

Site Images used
en.wiktionary 75
ha.wiktionary 6
Total image usages 81
Distinct images used 77 (30.92% of all images of category)

New metrics update[edit]

Category "Wikisound_Audio_Speak_Campaign_English_2023" has 249 files.

Site Images used
ha.wiktionary 95
en.wiktionary 76
de.wiktionary 26
zh.wiktionary 7
bn.wiktionary 1
wikidata.wikidata 1
Total image usages 206
Distinct images used 136 (54.62% of all images of category)

NOTE: The impact will definately increase as a result of Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios, the impact is collected from https://glamtools.toolforge.org/glamorous.php?mode=category&doit=1&category=WikiSound_Audio_Speaks_Campaign_Audios_2023 the impact can increase anytime which will not reflect the provided impact above.

Glamorous tool and WMF Hashtag tool[edit]

Video Tutorials[edit]

Video Tutorials For The Campaign And Contest Of Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios Video Tutorials In Hausa Language
Computer Video Tutorials

The Following are video for PC

Wikimedia Tools for Video Toturials for audio activities

Survey Forms[edit]


Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios[edit]

Result for Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios can found here Wikimedia Pages Wanting Audios/Results


In the Wikimedia movement, seeing many different editors and versions of contributions like (editing) like write-up, and uploading (consisting of images, sounds, and videos, we have identified the need to understand the development, and impact of sound in the Wikimedia movement and a way forward to improve the sound by the implementation of a comprehensive approach towards sound among Wikimedians.

Wikisound Audio Speaks Campaign Report Project 2023


The campaign have been carried out on Social Media Handles and Wikimedia Channels like Diff, central Notice Banner and WiklimediaList Email.


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Social Media Handles[edit]



General Meet Up[edit]

English Wikipedia Meet Up[edit]