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WikiTV (on demand)[edit]

WikiTV is a educational video project which started in the German Wikipedia. The idea is to enhance Wikimedia content with video, eg. add interviews with experts to Wikipedia articles, Wikinews posts, featured articles or topics on the Wikipedia main page.

The switchX project team has provided volunteers with the switchX software which enables users to produce video circuits via internet just using a notebook, a webcam and a headset.

Historically during Wikipedia's 10th anniverary this has been done by BR-alpha, a joint-venture of ORF (Austrian public broadcaster) and BR (Bavarian / German public broadcaster). The BR-alpha team send out webcams and the software to several anniversary parties, interviewed people during the party and used this material for a TV show.

a first set of WikiTV footage has been produced at WikiCon in Nürnberg, September 8th to 10th 2011. Julius. Kratky from ORF interviewed Wikimedians at WikiCon and produced a video clip from this material. Both the raw material (the interview) and the produced clip will be available on Wikimedia Commons.

If you are interested in WikiTV in your language check this list or add your own WikiTV channel:

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videos on Wikimedia Commons

Wikitelevision (stream)[edit]

wikiTV (or Wikitelevision) is a sketch of a project wich may result in a television channel from Wikimedia in the far future. This page is more a dream, a vision and science-fiction, rather than a concrete project suggestion.

In the future where WikiTV takes place many people have mobile cameras and cell phones from which they can submit moving pictures to the Wikimedia servers in a flash. On the Wikimedia sites, people can edit their own programs and reports using the new MediaWikiVideo-tools and watch their programs with broadband connections.

Latest news from Wikinews.

Once per hour the channel broadcasts an automaticly generated news report from Wikinews. Between these the WikiTV channel broadcasts documentaries and other knowledge-related programming produced by the different volunteers around the globe.

The programs will be avaiable both in a 24/7-running streamed channel and by downoading individual program streams from Wikimedia. If there is interest, satellite broadcasters may distribute the wikiTV-channels, as long as it follows the GNU FDL.

As time goes by there will be many channels. There will be main-WikiTV channels in many languages, but there may also be other channels, such as a dedicated news channel.


MediaWikiVideo will be a easy-to-use extension to MediaWiki wich makes it possible to use wiki-technology to produce video films. The MediaWikiVideo desktop loads on your browser and from there you can compose your own movie. Once you are ready you click "save". If you aren't ready, you can still click Save and go back later, or someone else can continue the editing. It reminds some about other video-editing-programs. You cut your clips, put them in the right order, add graphics and so on. Since it's a wiki, someone can do the capturing of videos, while someone else does the editing, someone else is fancy of adding graphics and someone has a great voice to use. And then someone else comes to correct some mistakes with the sound that doesn't follow the images, and so on.

Speaker-voice can be added using your own voice and a microphone, or by a autogenerated voice. The autogenerated voice is default until someone makes their own speaking. The autogenerated voice is developed by volunteers from around the world and speaks many languages and different voices.


David Vasquez' Wikinews set[edit]


Coming up...

Saturday 11:58 (UTC) 2015-03-21

12.00 Wikinews

12.05 Recent Sports from Wikinews

12.10 Wikipedia: Evolution subtitled

12.40 Interviews about the current expedition to Mars. NASA-experts participate.

13.00 Wikinews


Saturday 11:59 (UTC) 2015-03-21

12.00 Wikinews

Available editions: English, Deutsch.

In 13 minutes...

Saturday 11:57 (UTC) 2015-03-21

12.10 Wikipedia: Evolution

Since the emergence of modern genetics in the 1940s, evolution has been defined more specifically as a change in the frequency of alleles from one generation to the next.

Subtitled in: English, Deutsch, עברית, Български
Spoken language: English.

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