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  1. In 2011, Russia held a competition of WLM with 440 participants and resulting about 4000 photos. Some people were easily demotivated by the difficulties of uploading pictures in Commons and Freedom of Panorama. About 90% of the participants are newbies.
  2. In Spain Wikipedia, they produced about 18.000 photos in 2011 competition. The committee needs to filter lots of funny or bad pictures before passed it to the juries. The idea of having 3 juries from 3 different countries (with different time zone) made some difficulties to getting the winners name on time. And in very short of time, the committee needed to prepare the press release, invite everyone to attend, and also provide the prize.
  3. One of the most important things is making list of museum and giving ID's, probably the official government list are not written properly (Wikipedia list is even better).
  4. When doing a GLAM project, having Wikimedia in resident is needed.
  5. However, significant number of participants of WLM competition are still continuing to contribute in Commons.
  6. Useful tips: Do not give a "geeky gifts" like tablet, hardware, etc. Some attractive gifts can be holiday packages, etc.
  7. Wikimedia Argentina plans lend some wooden scanner equipments to cultural/heritage sites. It useful and affordable to digitalize books.