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Round table about our experiments[edit]

  • Anne
    • RencentChangesCamp x2.
    • responsabilities: venue, food, lodging as well
    • sometime too much responsabalities
    • want to launch wikimontreal
  • Nathalie:
    • school final big events
    • 400 peoples
    • responsabilities : venue, food, lodging as well
  • Anja:
    • no experience (yet)
  • Nila:
    • journalist
    • event organiser: Tedx events
  • Katika :
    • training class for wikipedia
    • difficulties to find good internet connection
  • Anastasia:
    • difficulties to gap communities
    • journalist not interested
    • In russia, there are wikipedia meetup but too big and not consultative

Tips for event organising, from Nila's experience in South East Asia[edit]

You're not a solo artist, you need to share responsabilities on logistics ! (overwise you wont enjoy it).


  • Divide the time in 3 periods:
    • pre-event meeting :
      • 1 unformal with friends
      • 1 more open with other people
    • Event (review the agenda set up ?)
    • post event meeting :
      • congratulate
      • identify issues
      • way to learn from difficult, a follow up


  • Semi unconference => so we don't have to set up the agenda
    • Openspace is lots of fun
  • Have topics a bit out of topics, it is lots of fun


  • to have a general overview of the event


  • find a good place (university helped for the venue)
  • find the good date


  • Traditional media (Journalist help get more funding in the future)
    • Journalist: should know them, what they want, bring them for nice photographs
    • in Russia: journalist only like translated news, FAQ news and edit wars
  • Target group: bigger that just wiki users, but photographs ? studient ? local people ? artist ? residents ?
  • Social media :
    • make sure you have flicker, youtube, twitter, facebook
    • Make use of everyone's network
    • Make sure the internet connexion is good !
  • Using Companies Logo ? ethics ?
    • Logo size depending of how much they give
    • Get politician support ? alternative parties ?
    • in Russia: We try to make it unpolitical but lots of wikipedian are politicised.


    • very important to bring and keep important
    • get money companies or institutions and administration so to buy food
    • or ask people to bring some food for a nice starting potluck

Design or creative person(s)[edit]

  • a designer: to design a logo, a flyer... (find modes of distribution)
  • a space designer: to design-organise the venue
  • Musicians for night ? : approach young bands composed of young people.


  • Local/national/international ?

In a wiki event, not only encourage wikipedian to come but photopgraphers, other potential people for this subject attention

  • How to convince people that the meeting is important.
    • define why you want to have this meeting
    • meeting 1 Invitation for close friends, in a coffee. + it's going to be fun.
    • meeting 2 Identify the responsabilities (see list up)