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  • Siska Doviana (facilitator)
  • Kartika Sari Henry
  • Charlene Foster
  • Al
  • Netha Hussain
  • Melisa Parisi

Discussion points[edit]

  • Wikimedia Cipta gives funding for numerous small projects.
  • Money is given in stages, depending on the success rate of the project undertaken.
  • Those who undertake the project are called project directors and the responsibility of spending the money rests with them.
  • The project directors will be given certificates regarding their participation in projects.
  • In future, Wikimedia Indonesia plans to conduct this program in a more elaborate way including international volunteers.

Steps involved[edit]

  • Step 1 : Create a main infrastructure budget.
  • Step 2 : Training volunteers to take up projects.
  • Step 3 : Conducting the program
  • Step 4 : Writing the report

Difficulties during the pilot program[edit]

  • The budget calculation went wrong.
  • Delay in procuring funds.
  • Certain projects demanded the input of more money.
  • Finding a meeting place with good wi-fi facilities for the trainers and trainees.

Merits of the program[edit]

  • Involvement of a large number of students into project direction.
  • A good number of quality articles in Wikipedia.
  • Increase in readership of Wikipedia.
  • Awareness about Wikiprojects in Universities in Indonesia.

Links for further reference[edit]