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  • Beatriz Busaniche is one of the principal organizers of WikiWomenCamp and is handling most of the on the ground work in Argentina, where she serves at the Executive Director of Wikimedia Argentina. She has been a free software activist since 2003, is a member of Vía Libre Foundation, was a founding member of Wikimedia Argentina. Currently public leader of Creative Commons in Argentina. She became involved on Wikipedia in 2006 on the Spanish version and has been active ever since. In 1994, she graduated from the National University of Rosario with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communication with a focus on mass media. In 2011, she earned a Masters of Intellectual Property from FLACSO Argentina. Beatriz has presented and participated at a number of conferences such as International Simposium on public policy for digital heritage in Sao Paulo, Brazil, World Social Forum, “Women in Free Software” Conference at Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Conference at Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Festival on Free Culture and Copyleft in FM La Tribu, Free software and free culture conference in Santo Domingo, National Free Software Conference, “WIPO and WTO Negotiations in Intellectual Property” Conference, to name a few.
  • Melisa Parisi is a 20-year old licensed flight attendant, translator, editor, and one of the Spanish Wikipedia sysops. Currently, she is studying Editing at Buenos Aires University. Through WikiWomenCamp, she expects to get a chance to meet wikipedians from around the world, exchange experiences, work together to reduce the gender gap, and develop plans to attract new users. Melisa would like to find out how to deal with harassment on Wikipedia, where she contributes since 2007.
  • Lila Pagola is a visual artist, teacher and activist of free culture and free software, also working about gender topics related to art and technology, her main field of interests. She is a researcher of art and technology in Argentina and Latin America (UNVM/UBA), and a Professor of Multimedia Design, and History of photography at the University of Villa María (UNVM) and the Spilimbergo School of Applied Arts. She has worked as trainer and participant in several experiences of women and IT, specially free technologies, such as: FTX Buenos Aires (Feminist Tech Exchange) in 2009, or ETC Brasil (Eclectic Tech Carnival), Bahia, 2007; or Red Nosotras en el mundo Project (2007-2010), among others talks and workshops. She uses Wikipedia as an activity with her students, specially working on topics of Argentina and Latin America in the field of art and photography.
  • Susana Correa is graduated in Cinema and TV, with posgraduated studies in "Video y Tecnologías digitales online y offline" of the Escuela Superior de Diseño ESDi-MECAD and the School of Arts, National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Since 2006 she is activist of free culture, devoted to collaborate with different social organizations and individuals, going with them trough their digital learning processes. Since 2009 to present, she is involved in theory and practice of learning processes of IT, of senior people, from the perspective of free software and the collaborative construction of knowledge.
  • Teresa Sempere is a publicity and PR graduated (UA, Spain), university specialist in design and communication (UPV, Spain) and international cooperation for the development (UA); recently she obtained a degree in cultural management - culture, communication and policy orientation - at the UCC, Argentina. With a multifaceted background, she is interested in issues related with social communication, education, international cooperation, graphical design and promotion of culture and free software. At present she is working under a cultural management MAEC - AECID grant at CCEC (Centro Cultural España Córdoba) coordinating the media library area. She will become part of the LibreBus ConoSur project (August 2012) in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay with Derechos DigitalesNGO.

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  • Laura Hale is one of the principal organizers of WikiWomenCamp and Vice President of Wikimedia Australia. Born Wheaton, Illinois, United States, she currently is chasing a doctoral degree in Communications at the Faculty of Health of University of Canberra, Australia. She is a Bachelor of General Studies and Masters of Science of Education in Instructional Technology. Her first volunteering experience started in 1996 when she was a member of the technology team in schools. Laura's love for writing, research, and analytic thinking lead her to create Writers University and contribute to AboutUs, Wikipedia, and WikiHow. Some wiki-related-projects that she conducts are GLAM projects, outreach program in Micronesia, and History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia project. Laura believes women's and transgender participation in wiki technology can be assessed by empowering women volunteers and strengthening the women's community.
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  • Kounila Keo is a 24-year old journalist who put a lot of interest in organizing events. She got her degree in Media & Communication from Royal University of Phnom Penh and had been working as a reporter in Agence France Presse for three years since 2008. After that, Kounila has been freelancing for local, regional and international newspapers such as the Phnom Penh Post, Los Angeles Times, Asia360news, etc, and also co-organized few events such as filmcampKH (, Khmer Talks (, tedxphnompenh (, and a blog roundtable discussion in Phnom Penh. She would like to share her WikiWomenCamp experience through in her blog, VOA (Voice of America) radio, radio which listened by majority of Cambodian in regional location, the Phnom Penh Post or the Cambodia Daily to raise the issue about women, technology, and contribution.
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  • Anja Ebersbach is Board member of Wikimedia Deutschland, manager of Hallo Welt! GmbH, and a coach for the Enterprise 2.0
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  • Nathalie Koepff educator, trainer for communication and software, and looks after the social media in Hallo Welt! GmbH. By attending the WikiWomenCamp 2012, she likes to hear about political and life condition of women around the world, including how they use media to emancipate themselves. Moreover, Nathalie is interested to conduct some interviews or mini-video documentation of the camp. She realizes even in the first world country, women still not fully equal with men and she wants to find our the reason and solutions of gender gap.
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  • Netha Hussain, a 21-year old undergraduate student of medicine and surgery from Kozhikode. She started to work in Wikimedia projects since May 2010 and actively initiated outreach program targeting women in schools and colleges. As an Online Ambassador for India Education Program, she has been helping many women editors and Campus ambassadors to participate to Wikiprojects in Malayalam and English Wikipedia. Netha is willing to share a specific topic of "Gendergap in Indic Wikiprojects and strategies to overcome it", telling about her experiences in India where the cultural and religious practices are at stronghold preventing women to actively engage in volunteering. She will write about her WikiWomenCamp experience in Wikimedia India mailing lists and on her personal blogs in Malayalam and English, then she would take initiative in starting Wikimedia clubs in colleges to promote women participation and encouraging them to do support local Wikiprojects. Netha wishes the WikiWomenCamp will have a panel discussions on topics of women's interest and gender-gap projects which have been done by Wikimedians.
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  • Siska Doviana is the co-founder of Wikimedia Indonesia (2008) and is currently the Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia. One of her early edits was on a controversial article about Playboy magazine in 2006. She organized Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010 (Free Your Knowledge 2010), a wiki based writing competition that lasted for three months in Indonesian language Wikipedia, which successfully contributed 1,386 good-quality articles. Siska actively engages in seminars and interviews to promote Free Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing for Indonesian public. Siska holds a graduate degree in communication from Mercu Buana University and worked as Communication Specialist in a USAID funded project Environment Services Program (ESP) from 2008 through 2010. Previously she worked in the US Embassy Jakarta Public Affairs Section for five years. She also manages Wikimedia Cipta, a volunteer capacity enhancement project for building Wikimedia based local projects.
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  • Kartika Sari Henry is the Secretary General of Wikimedia Indonesia since 2011. She was the winner of Free Your Knowledge contest organised by Wikimedia Indonesia Chapter in the year 2010 and was awarded scholarship to participate in Wikimania 2010 held at Gdansk, Poland. She was featured in the Wikimedia Fundraiser banners in 2010. She holds a graduate degree in Biotechnology from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and currently works as a Molecular Research Assistant at National Institute of Health Research and Development, Jakarta, Indonesia. Kartika also a freelance writer for mainstream publications for travel articles, her works have been published in a Reader's Digest Indonesia and other publications. Kartika already had an agreement with Reader's Digest Indonesia to publish one article about WikiWomenCamp and another article about Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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  • Béria Lima is one of the primary organisers of WikiWomenCamp and a founding member of Wikimedia Portugal. This twenty-six year old Brazilian woman has taken the lead and organised several Chapters movement projects, including Wikipedia Academy, Wiki Loves Monuments, and also helping to set up new Wikimedia chapters. She has been actively involved in various wikiprojects as admin, bureaucrat, sysop, and CheckUser since 2007. As a volunteer for Wikimedia Foundation, Beria is one of Grant Advisory Committee (GAC), where she helps to review grants submitted by the community. In this role, she generally helps to review around sixty percent of all grants submitted.
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  • Anne Goldenberg is a PhD in Communication and Sociology. Her background studies led her to observe the poetics of collective contributions through various forms – multimedia, social sculpture, performances, improvisations and installations. Inspired by free culture, she mostly explores the relationships between digital material, participative devices, public and collective action. She facilitates open spaces and booksprints, and likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge.
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  • Christina Haralanova A Ph.D. candidate in Communications. Christina has a long history of involvement with feminism and free software activism, technology politics, innovation, and geek communities. Member of Foulab – the Montreal Hacker Space – Christina performs her doctoral research on hacking governance, gender, and community organizing. Her Master thesis discussed women's contribution to free and open source software development (available in French on
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  • Anastasia Lvova is a 24 years old Public Relations manager for a system integrator. She is currently studying management and psychology in 2 universities. Anastasia other volunteer activity includes postcrosser ( for her pursuing two degrees and a job are very big load, and in addition to it is her Wikipedia tasks. Anastasia began her Wikipedia editting in 2007; former sysop in Russian Wikipedia and an active bot's owner, toolserver user, OTRS agent she is also the most active volunteer of Wikimedia Russia by organizing WLM RU'11 and helping in composing of WMRU press releases. For Anastasia it is important to hear about different situations and ideas, she hoped in Wikiwomancamp she's able to talk about problems and finds solutions, brain storming about situations that haven't solutions yet, probably to get a new look on ordinary things for her. She would like to understand trends on the meta-level and be able to tell the other participants about Russian customs, in order to solve problems, not create them. Anastasia blog about her wiki activities, in Russia a current woman's issue includes homophobic and antiabortion laws, in public debates the church pushes the idea that gender is inseparable from sex, and there are little researches in Russian on the psychology of gender and so on. Although the problem of the country's scale but traces of these problems exists in Wikipedia.
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South Africa[edit]

  • Charlene Foster is a managing director and founder of Afrastocracy, a consultancy focused on broadbased development through knowledge work, new media and technology. She is one of Wikimedia South Africa Directors and a visionary pioneer who's have a broad experienced in strategic planning, project origination and management, logistics, protocol, (political and other) business and people management, marketing, and an established network of bi-lateral business and organizational exchanges within South Africa and Internationally. Charlene has a lot to learn about open source technology and how to use it as an additional resource to add value and improve the quality of life in the communities that she is active in. The collective knowledge, skills and talents of the participants at WikiWomenCamp will further motivate Charlene to bring value to the development of WMZA in a more "digitally" coherent and holistic manner.
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  • Ál Cano Santana is a PhD student in en:Science, technology and society. She is a Bachelor in Audiovisual Commmunication, Bachelor in Psychology and Master in Social Psychology, with expertise in gender and sexual studies. Currently, she also working in an independent organization to promote empowerment of of free society through implementations of free culture, free software, and free communication. Particularly, this organization supports women and sexual minorities empowerment in knowledge and technology, for example by making free documentation in mediawikis[1][2], free networks, and so on. Her native language is Spanish and Catalan. She is interested to attend WikiWomenCamp since the event deals with women cultural issues around the world. She expects to share her experience in identifying and delivering needs to run a wiki project and also how she links her studies with Wiki technology. As a contributor in Spanish Wikipedia, she's not only actively writing in Science, Technology and Gender Wikiproject, but also organizing workshop about notable feminism, gender history, and gender perspective in general articles. Although she is familiar with open-space technology through her regional and international involvements in various conferences, Al Cano is hoping she can learn more in WikiWomenCamp, especially about gender perspective.
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  • María Sefidari is a PhD student in Computer Science and one of the founding members of Wikimedia España, an association created in 2011 that seeks to promote Free Knowledge in Spain, where she's currently its Vice-Chair. She has actively contributed to Wikimedia projects for more than six years now, including English Wikipedia, Commons and Spanish Wikipedia. She has given lectures at Spanish universities on Free Knowledge and Wikimedia projects, and has participated in international events such as IberoConf'11 or Wikimania'11. She participates in Iberocoop, the Iberoamerican Wikimedia chapters initiative, representing Wikimedia España. She's also currently a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications Committee and the Chapters Committee as well. 
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United States[edit]