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WikiWomenCamp 2017
Mexico City, Mexico, July 6th to 8th, 2017

Welcome participants! Mexico City is happy of having you here. Please feel free of adding all you information you wan to share with us.

Participants WikiWomen Camp[edit]

We want to hear from you before arriving to México City! We also need you to help us out with some final details in order to define the WikiWomen camp's agenda! For this reason, we are inviting you to present yourself as well as to answer three important questions: a) what do you want to get out of conference? b) what top 2 skills on-wiki would you like to learn? and c) Is there any project/learning etc would you like to share in a lighting talk?

Photo / Avatar (Optional) Name About me What I would like to get out of the conference is... The 2 skills on-wiki/off-wiki that I would like to learn are... I would like to give a lighting talk about....
Blossom Ozurumba I support the creation of pages and articles in Igbo language on the Wikipedia platform. Seek collaborations on how to advance the aspirations of Wikimedia in Nigeria and best practices on improving the skill sets of editors in Nigeria. Wiktionary Editing and Wikiquote populating. Using social media to seek editors for Wikimedia projects.
Open Galm 2013 Sesja III Vassia 1.jpg Spiritia Wikipedian inside. The evil spirit behind the 100wikidays and many Wikimedia activities in Bulgaria. Better understanding of the gender-related issues and solutions around the world. Anything Wikidata / Phabricator related :) "CEE Women challenge, or how to make a really good use of a wiki postage stamp"
WeAreWikipedia curator.png Camelia Analyst programmer, more than 10 years wikipedian, WikiDonne UG founder, Affiliation Commitee member, Wikimedia Italy partner, Gender Gap Task Force and women in STEM fields wikifacilitator Contacts, share experiences and find collaborations. Learn about best practices to engage in a best way the whole comunity/new editors to try to change something in itwiki about women representation Wikidata, tech tools (ORES, Phabricator etc) WikiDonne's project in italian Wikipedia roadmap. Goals, issues, needs, successes.
Imacat-osdc2013.jpg imacat Organizing Women in FOSS in Taiwan for 7 years. Co-founder of WikiWomen Taiwan. Learn about how other people encourages women in WMF Our local WikiWomen Taiwan community.
FaerieDevilish Editatona co-founder, Mexican feminist in academic incubation amongst amazing Wikipedians in Boston. Learn about promising actions against the gender gap that use Wiki as a space and as a pretext! Coolest wikidata uses, work flow/response planning for sensitive articles and materials Digital security considerations in gender-based events, or Wiki events within broader gender-based advocacy.
Ravan Jaafar Altaie.jpg Ravan Admin and editor in Arabic Wikipedia for 9 years, co-founder of Iraq Wiikimedia Usergroup, interested in decreasing the gender gap. Learn about new techniques in recruiting female editors and how to help them to stay active! efficiency in following up on projects, Establishing strong WEP Fighting terrorism with wiki and knowledge
Doyle1.jpg KellyDoyle Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity at West Virginia University, Board Member Wikimedia District of Columbia Collaboration and learning best practices from all of the women in attendance! I'd like to learn more about Wikidata and recruitment techniques. Service learning and Wikipedia particpation
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight 6173519.jpg Rosiestep Wikimedia Gender Diversity Mapper, Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at Northeastern Uni, Women in Red co-founder, Affiliates Committee secretary, WikiWomen UG co-founder, Board Member WMDC How to be better connected with each other. Wikidata queries; social media best practices. "Be bold on a budget of $0"
Nosotros editamos en Wikiquote.jpg Jalu Long time wikipedian in Spanish, Wikiproyecto Mujeres founder, Wikiproyecto Mujeres en la Arquitectura co-founder, Wikiquote's Administrator, Board Member Wikimedia Argentina, Member WMUruguay, Wikimujeres, WMEspaña, Whose Knowledge? and Community Health and Harassment Working Group. How to fight harassment and misogyny on Wikipedia. Metrics, tools against harassment. "Wikiproyecto Mujeres en la Arquitectura. Recruiting and Training Women Editors".
Siko Bouterse WNA 2016 cropped.jpg Siko Co-founder of Whose Knowledge?, and feminist mischief maker in Wikimedia projects for 6 years (co-creator WP Teahouse, Inspire Campaigns, etc) how we can all better communicate/collaborate together, and support each other Wikidata, and Storytelling (your tips and tricks for video, images, etc) Missing Women's Image Drive - let's do this together!
Netha Hussain-925.jpg Netha Editor, researcher, translator, event manager, GLAMer, grantmaker, feminist. Member of Wikimedia India and Wikimedia Sverige. Networking for facilitating collaboration and communication Wikidata and research Edit-a-thons for outreach among women Geek Feminism wiki
Atropine Board member of Wikimedia Italy (2014/17), programme coordinator of Wikimania 2016, Board Election Committee member. Feminist, history and social science researcher, inquisitive spirit. Set the basis for a global support network for women in Wikimedia projects; find out what we can we bring to the movement beside being part of a percentage in statistics Wikidata and MediaWiki The most inspiring woman I wrote about on Wikipedia and what did I learn from her.
Rohini Former Chairperson of Gender gap Special Interest Group, India, 2013-2014. Member of APG committee. Contributor to the Commons and Wikipedia in three languages. Former Wikipedian-in-Residence (2013).
  / \_/ \
  \_/ \_/
MMelvaer Norwegian artist and feminist, co-founder of Brussels-based collective Just for the Record. Get to know other women and their projects for inspiration and future collaboration. Wikidata and any tool/idea that could help to better record or portray diverging versions of history on Wikipedia. A glimpse into our collective Just for the Record, just for the WikiWomenCamp.
Harriet Henry Bayel.jpg Mwintirew I am a Wikipedian from Ghana, A member of the organising team and I love to edit English Wikipedia. I would love to know more about organizing and maintaining new editors. I would also love to know more about strategies used by other User Groups to get the media actively involved. MediaWiki and Wikidata.
Emna Mizoni - Llama - April 21.jpg Emna Mizouni Contributes in AR/EN Wikipedia, on commons, wikisource and wikiquotes; a member of Wikimedia TN User Group; passionated about GLAM in Tunisia; MedinaPedia team member; Affiliations Committee member Better understanding of the ongoing WikiWomen projects. Connect with others and learn from their best practices. Establish new links between my UG and other groups and initiatives. Wikidata / counter online harassment. Social Media & Wiki-non Wiki partnerships.
Geisa Santos, mentora e participante da Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 em Viena.jpg Geisa Santos I support various tech communities in Brazil, founder of Perifericas, transfeminist collective in Bahia that fights for diversity in many fields beyond Tech, and part of Brazilian User Group and Simple APG Committee. Inspirations, partnerships in future projects for diversity and a whole lot histories of amazing people to share with my commnunity. More about MediaWiki, Wikidata and tools for detecting online harassment (maybe using bots+AI, my first idea for automation this) Fuxico Box is a DIY autonomous storytelling device for sharing histories and narratives about diversity and grassroots communities around the world. It's based on PirateBox.
Katie Chan.JPG Katie Chan English Wikipedia administrator, Chair of WMF Election Committee, former Chair & former employee of Wikimedia UK, ex-member of WMF Grant Advisory Committee and Wikimania Scholarship Committee Networking, communication, and collaboration Discussion on why so few female volunteers take up or aspire for leadership positions in Wikimedia organisations, and our reliance on the same people volunteering.
Ester Bonet.jpg Tiputini I created a permanent working space at University: Viquidones-Wikimujeres to detect gender bias on Wikipedia, and how to work together to reduce it. Know specific activities, goals, and successful strategies in different countries and cultures to reduce gender gap. To create tools in order to make women feel welcome; Wikidata queries. "Las Imprescindibles"
Patricia Horrillo.jpg PatriHorrillo Creator of Wikiesfera and member of Wikimujeres Meet other women that work to reduce gender gap in Wikipedia around the world and learn from them Wikidata and Dashboard
Anstee, Jaime June 2013.jpg User:JAnstee (WMF) WMF Learning & Evaluation team and AffCom liaison Meet up with folks working on the gender gap and discuss how learning and evaluation can be better supported as well as how these initiatives are being served by the affiliates and other movement structures How folks would like to use wikidata and other tools to direct efforts and measure their success. I would be happy to give a lightning talk on the Wikimedia Resource Center, the Program & Events Dashboard, or anything else Learning & Evaluation that may be useful.
Cat and Woman Selfie.jpg Tsipi Founder and organizer of Wiki Women TLV Meet women who are doing gendergap work, learn new tools and strategies, and discuss how to integrate feminist principles into wiki work. Organizing and recruiting skills, more than technical skills I would like to give a talk about the online course I developed. As far as I know it is the first of its kind in the world, and can be a model for distance online collaboration and learning. Not a MOOC!
Montserrat Boix en Iberoconf.jpg Montserrat Boix U: Mboix Journalist, wikipedista, feminist, creator of Mujeres en Red, international network of women on the Internet since 1997. In Wikipedia since 2006 but only active since 2013. Cofounder of Wikimujeres An international network with more communication to improve the wikipedias from the perspective of gender and to make more visible to the women. Also find mechanisms to combat harassment Wikidata and Query Service "Las imprescindibles" Mapping the most relevant women in each country
Zlot Zimowy 2016 (12).jpg Maire Wikimedian since at least 2005, mostly active at Polish Wikipedia and Commons, Board Member of WMPL, currently on the CEE Meeting 2017 team To learn more about gender-related issues and how they are solved around the world, contact people and possibly later collaborate Definitely some useful tricks concerning Wikidata
Caiophora Boliviana.jpg Calei Arquitecta, wikipedista, aficionada a OSM y mapillary, miembro de la comisión del grupo de usuarios Wikimedia Bolivia, promotora de alianzas con entidades culturales, comprometida con el conocimiento libre Conformar una red de trabajo conjunto que facilite la promoción e inclusión de mujeres destacadas y mujeres editoras,buscar inspiración e iniciar proyectos Wikidata, estrategias para incrementar la comunidad de editoras, experiencias Convenios con entidades culturales creadas a través de alianzas con mujeres activistas y promotoras culturales .

Organizing Team[edit]

Photo / Avatar (Optional) Name About me What I would like to get out of the conference is...
María Sefidari - June 2016.jpg María Sefidari
WMF Board
Usuaria Wotancito.jpg Carmen Alcázar
Wikimedia Mexico
Anna Torres.jpg Anna Torres
Wikimedia Argentina
Wikimedia Conference 2013 portrait 073.JPG Iván Martínez
Wikimedia México
Harold, Kacie July 2014.jpg Kacie Harold
Wikimedia Foundation
Wang, Alex Jan 2014.jpg Alex Wang
Wikimedia Foundation

Program Committee[edit]

WMF staff and Board[edit]