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The project will be delivered and sustained by 7 partners spread across 3 countries:

Learning Hub Friesland (NL)[edit]

LHF actively tackles the challenges found in education and training in the Friesland region and beyond. We aim to be the education & training gateway to and from our region: exporting good initiatives developed in our region to other European regions and importing strong examples from elsewhere. In our role as a true hub, we like to work together with like-minded people, keen to cooperate and to help us achieve our goals: to make an active contribution to education and training innovation and together address regional challenges and ambitions with a global mindset.

Stichting Algemiene Fryske Underrjocht Kommisje Afûk (NL)[edit]

The Afûk, which was founded in 1928, is the organisation in Fryslân that promotes the Frisian language and culture. In doing so it has an important role in the cultural network of Fryslân and works closely together with the Province of Fryslân to implement language and cultural policy in Fryslân. The Afûk also has strong links with Mercator European Research Centre on Mulitlingualism and Language Learning, the NPLD (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity), an European wide network working in the field of language policy and planning and has a strong European network in the field of language promotion.

Stichting Fryske Akademy (NL)[edit]

The foundation Fryske Akademy (the Frisian Academy) was established in Leeuwarden on 10 September 1938. According to its statutes, the Akademy's goal is "to maintain a working community dedicated to practicing science connected to Friesland, the Frisian people and their culture in all its manifestations, and such in the broadest sense".

Wikimedia Ireland (IE)[edit]

As the recognised affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation in Ireland, Wikimedia Community Ireland promotes the creation, promotion, and dissemination of free knowledge. Our mission is:

  • To aid and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate educational, cultural, and historic content in the public domain or under a license that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify that content.
  • To encourage public and private galleries, libraries, archives and museums on the island of Ireland to make their holdings more broadly and freely available, and to collaborate with these institutions in an effort to preserve the heritage of Ireland.
  • To educate people in the use of free and open source information resources, in any form, for the advancement of education.
  • To encourage the development and release of these materials in the languages of the island of Ireland including but not limited to English and Irish.

Wikimedia Community Ireland, established in 2014, is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organisation.

Coláiste Oiriall (IE)[edit]

Coláiste Oiriall is an Irish-medium post primary school situated in the rural town of Monaghan close to the Northern Irish border. It is a small school community of just over 400 students, including both girls and boys from age twelve to eighteen. The school is situated in a modern educational campus on the edge of the town. School amenities include a fully equipped gym, sports hall, theatre and football pitch. Students study a broad academic curriculum including sciences, technology subjects, English, French, Irish, mathematics, home economics, geography, history, digital literacy. Fourth year students study a less academic curriculum where the focus is on learning for life.

Since its establishment in 2004, Coláiste Oiriall has been at the forefront of the Irish language revival in the Monaghan area, with students travelling from every corner of the county and beyond. Irish is the everyday language of the school community and all subjects, apart from English language, are taught through Irish. Many of our past students are now employed in the local area and this has seen the use among the local public of the Irish language go from strength to strength.

Euskal Wikilarien Kultura Elkartea (EU)[edit]

The Basque Wikimedians User Group was stablished in 2016 in order to promote Wikimedia content in Basque language. With nearly 50 members, we have been active in our long-standing education program, where more than 5.000 students have contributed yet to make Basque Wikipedia better and more aligned with the student's curriculum. We have been training teachers and students, and also working with GLAM institutions, technology partners and communication experts to develop cut-edge projects inside Wikipedia.

Antigua Luberri BHI (EU)[edit]

Antigua-Luberri BHI is a Secondary Education school (public ownership by the Education Department of the Basque Government). We are located in the Benta Berri district of San Sebastian city (Gipuzkoa) in the Basque Country and our students are coming from nearby neighborhoods: Antigua, Añorga, Ibaeta, and the Old Town. Our vehicular language is Basque, but we try to be proficient in Spanish, English, and French. Antigua-Luberri BHI was founded in 1996 but it moved to the nowadays installations by the year 2001. So we are 25 years old school community witharound 800 students and 100 teachers preparing ourselves for the future.

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