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The Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) supports uses of Wikipedia and related projects in communities of teaching, learning, and inquiry in the United States and Canada. Wiki Ed aims to improve the breadth, scope, and quality of Wikimedia content; enhance student information fluency; and increase the number and diversity of contributors to the free knowledge movement by engaging educators, researchers, and students.

A spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation, the Wiki Education Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Current programs and major initiatives[edit]

Classroom Program[edit]

The Wiki Education Foundation provides support for university instructors in the United States and Canada who are interested in assigning students to contribute content to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects as part of their coursework. See w:Wikipedia:Education_program on the English Wikipedia or Teach with Wikipedia on Wiki Ed's external website for more information.

Visiting Scholars Program[edit]

Wikipedia Visiting Scholars tap into your university’s digital resources (such as special collections, research databases, rare volumes, or paywalled journals) to write high-quality Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia Visiting Scholars is a program developed by The Wikipedia Library and administered in the United States and Canada by the Wiki Education Foundation. See the Visiting Scholars portal on the English Wikipedia for more information.

Year of Science 2016[edit]

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The Wikipedia Year of Science is an large-scale initiative to improve Wikipedia’s potential for communicating science to the public. By connecting higher education classrooms to the publishing power of Wikipedia, the Wiki Education Foundation is helping future scientists learn about science communication, while improving Wikipedia’s science coverage for millions of readers worldwide. See Year of Science for more information.

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More information[edit]

Follow the Wiki Education Foundation on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website at You can reach us by email at

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Annual plan, board minutes and bylaws[edit]

Further information can be found in our current Annual Plan for the fiscal year 2015/16. See also its private wiki, which has a public page with minutes of board meetings and the current version of the organization's bylaws.


The original bylaws agreed by the interim board of the Wiki Education Foundation in consultation with its pro bono legal counsel are available on Wikimedia Commons (PDF).

Many more details about the original structure and proposed working of the Wiki Education Foundation can be found in the original proposal for the organization. Much has changed since that proposal, however, and the information there may be out of date or incomplete. More current information can be found in the grant proposal to the Stanton Foundation from March 2014. See also the foundation's (approved) request for funds from the WMF and its private wiki, which has a public page with minutes of board meetings.