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The Wiki Education Foundation ("Wiki Education") connects higher education to Wikipedia, ensuring that the world’s most read source of information is more representative, accurate, and complete.

A spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wiki Education is an independent nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Current programs and major initiatives[edit]

Wikipedia Student Program[edit]

University students in the United States and Canada learn to write Wikipedia articles through Wiki Education's Student Program.

Wiki Education provides support for university instructors in the United States and Canada who are interested in assigning students to contribute content to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects as part of their coursework. See Teach with Wikipedia on Wiki Education's external website for more information about getting started, or visit our Dashboard to see up-to-date results.

Wiki Scholars & Scientists Program[edit]

Our Scholars & Scientists courses give scholars, scientists, and other professionals a technical, procedural, and cultural understanding of Wikipedia and Wikidata. See Wikipedia & Wikidata training courses on Wiki Education's external website for information about current offerings. We published an evaluation of the Wikipedia program pilot in May 2018, an update on the evaluation in March 2019, and an evaluation of the Wikidata program pilot in October 2019. We also ran a series of courses tackling information about the COVID-19 pandemic; we also published an evaluation report of that project.

Communicating Science[edit]

The Wikipedia Year of Science was a large-scale initiative in 2016 to improve Wikipedia’s potential for communicating science to the public. These efforts continue today through the Communicating Science initiative. By connecting higher education classrooms to the publishing power of Wikipedia, Wiki Education helped future scientists learn about science communication, while improving Wikipedia’s science coverage for millions of readers worldwide. Wiki Education published a full evaluation of the program in 2017.

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More information[edit]

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Annual plan, board minutes and bylaws[edit]

Further information can be found in our current Annual Plan. See also minutes of board meetings and the current version of the organization's bylaws.


The original bylaws agreed by the interim board of the Wiki Education Foundation in consultation with its pro bono legal counsel are available on Wikimedia Commons (PDF). Many more details about the original structure and proposed working of the Wiki Education Foundation can be found in the original proposal for the organization. Much has changed since that proposal, however, and the information there is mostly out of date or incomplete, but kept for historical reasons.