Wiki Expedition Dimitrovgrad - Dragoman 2015/Sharing

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Nice projects[edit]


  • Project: 100wikidays
  • Idea: Write an article in 100 days in a row.
  • Necessary preparation:

Project "Birthdays"[edit]

  • Project: bg:Уикипедия:Рожденици
  • Idea: Promote writing articles for encyclopaedically notable people born on the day.
  • Necessary preparation:
    • Create and regularly maintain templates for all 366 days in the year, following the "MM-DD" convention for easy sorting and navigation. In each template add red links to unwritten bio-articles with very short explanation / teaser giving the nationality, occupation and the argument of notability of each person. Articles that already exist in different languages can be linked.
    • Maintain monthly archive of what has and has not been written in the current month. Follow the YYYY-MM convention. Here is the aggregated view bg:Уикипедия:Рожденици/Архив. This helps for creating statistics

Useful tools and rights[edit]

Gadget: "Cat-a-lot" @ Commons[edit]

Tool: CatScan[edit]

  • Used for: Generating on demand category tree intersections of a category with/without another category, with/without templates, namespaces, various parameters related to byte size, time of last edit, links, red links, redirects, etc.
  • Address:

Tool: GLAMorous[edit]

  • Used for: Checking which files from a Commons category are used in which project
  • Address:
  • Example:
    • Category on Commons = Wiki Expedition Dimitrovgrad - Dragoman 2015
    • Search depth = 2
    • ☑ Show details ☐ Show limited details ☐ Main namespace only
    • Projects ☑ all

Tool: GLAMify[edit]

  • Used for: Helping other/smaller Wikipedias make good use of those collections based on the already existing usage of those images on Wikipedia in another language.
  • Address:
  • Example: Request
    # sr; bg; Wiki Expedition Dimitrovgrad - Dragoman 2015 Day 2; Spiritia
    has yielded the following result: User:Ijon/GLAMify/2015/10/Wiki Expedition Dimitrovgrad - Dragoman 2015 Day 2 sr bg
  • How to use it:
    • Checks for only two languages at a time, and the results for
      # sr; bg; ...
      will be most probably different from the results for
      # bg; sr; ...
    • It only checks the category that has been given as parameter, no traversing its subcategories
    • Multiple requests are handled.

Tool: GeoLocator[edit]

  • Used for: Finding geolocation coordinates of objects
  • Address:
  • How to use it:
    • Browse the map and place the location marker using [Ctrl+click] or [Alt+click]
    • Specify the type of the object from a dropdown menu
    • Any change in the parameters immediately leads to change in the automatically filled in "Basic wikipedia/commons templates:": Coord (@ English Wikipedia), Location (@ Commons), Object location (@ Commons)
    • Click on coordinate markup in preferred format to copy it to clipboard.

Tool: VisualFileChange.js[edit]

Step 1.1: Define user or category
Step 1.2: Select a category from a drop-down menu
Step 1.3: Select for sorting options
Step 2: Select VFC action: "Append any text"
Step 3.1: Advanced selection by intersecting category
Step 3.2: Advanced selection by uploader
Step 3.3: Advanced selection by date
Step 4: Insert text for appending and auto-edit summary
Step 5: See the result in file history

Right: Filemover @ Commons[edit]