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This is off-topic, as the introduction may well work as an another suggestion. While getting to know various ways of data syndycation (Wikipedia:microformats, Wikipedia:RSS, etc.), I thought of this:

Imagine that every article in Wikipedia has a unique ID that people could easily see, so they could index their content in the blogs and elsewhere semantically, depending on the topics that their content is related with.

<wikipedia ids="123124, 12441, 1583"> HTML </wikipedia>

This could give an advantage to retrieve all the semantically related content, rather than searching through the variety of ways to direct the same thing,

which makes searching difficult, as we have to try out various synonims for the same thing. You could easily find what people are writing on the web on a specific topic in Wikipedia

Considering that knowing the subject of any text is half-way to communicating any thought, browsers could automatically show the subjects, so people could much faster understand what the text is about, in their language, if possible.

However, there are so many subjects in the world, and Wikipedia, being an encyclopedia, wouldn't allow so easily register your new subjects, related with specific persons that don't have a userpage, etc., that there would be a requirement of a new specialized database - the Wiki ID, a wiki for topics. (I think concepts and some of the most most important world's topics could be covered by other Wikipedia projects, but those not covered could be on Wiki ID).

Every new topic or concept would have a new ID, that people could search, and so index public entities. No matter what language people speak. IDs should have a possiblity to be merged because of occurance of dublicates.

There is also some repetitive thoughts on this at

As I think, this could push forward the creation of the international language, and giving the number IDs for concepts and topics is a big step forward.

I forsee, that as people would start using the ids for indexing their web content, Google, Mozilla Firefox and other organizations would get concerned about supporting these ways of communication, for improving the search, and viewing of the web content in the browsers.

Inyuki 15:51, 26 January 2006 (UTC)