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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2017

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WLAf 2017 Ethiopia[edit]

Measures of success[edit]

The contest would be considered a success in Ethiopia if

  • at least 30 people participate
  • at least 1000 are uploaded after the contest
  • If at least 16 new editors are recruited

Possible Programs[edit]

This program will include among other activities, several events, training and organization of discussion spaces with participants and guests. Some of the programs will include

  • Pre-launch event: a small gathering of previous participants to involve them to take a more active role in the WlA2017 and recruit new participants in the competition.
  • Launching Event: a ceremony with stakeholders in the competition and give orientation on the goal of the project to all thinking of participating
  • Planning Event: A Presentation to orient, give roles to new and old participants to Wikimedia projects and the contest, as well as lay out the road-map of expected activities
  • Wiki-Editathons: mainly focusing on the usage of photos in existing articles..
  • Photo hunts: contacting professional photography clubs and associations and give them orientation on the project and invite them to submit their works.
  • Group upload sessions

Program launching[edit]

The program will be launched at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture(EiABC) and we will be working together with the department of Conservation and Heritage and the department Visual Arts. Our targets participants will be students with a passion for photography and track record of active participation in similar programs, as well as student club members that focus on photography.

Possible Partners[edit]

In this program we expect to be able to closely work with EiABC, and the Goethe Institute in Addis as well as the AIESEC student Association. We have worked closely with all the organization before, and we expect to grow out partnership through this program.

Team members[edit]


Budget table for launching[edit]

The estimated budget for WlA 2017 Ethiopia is outlined below

No. Description Quantity Rate (ETB) Total (ETB) Total (USD) Notes
Opening and Closing Events
(Sumtotal : 300 USD)
1 Venue 2 0 0 0 We expect all costs of the venue to be covered by our partners by allowing free use of their venue
2 snacks for participants 2 2000 4000 200
3 Awards 3 - 2000 100 1st prize: worth 50 USD, 2nd Prize:worth 30 USD, 3rd Prize:worth 20 USD
Trainings, Workshops and Edit-a-thons
(Sumtotal : 450 USD)
1 snacks for participants 5 300 1500 75
2 Training Tools 5 500 2500 125 This includes notepads, pens, internet voucher cards among other items
3 Marketing Campaign 50 100 5000 250 Posters, flyers, banners,WlA branded Pens,...
(Sumtotal : 200 USD)
1 Communications - - 2000 100
2 Transportation - - 1000 50
3 Miscellaneous - - 1000 50
Total: 950 USD