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Wiki Loves Africa 2020 in Brazil

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This is a small report on how we managed the WLA 2020 in Brazil.


Knowing that we are a Wiki, we will always prioritize the collaborative work. Nothing different here, we contact several important players of Africans movements in Brazil to create a task force to run this project.

With the short time between the start of the WLA and the invitation/approval of Brazilian participation, we received a lot of "yes" of working together after the contest already had started.

But to groups that already worked with Free Culture accepted the challenge, and we start this project together, with no grant, no support... nada.

The groups that accepted this challenge was:

  • Coletivo Di Jeje is a Research and Training Center on Black Feminism and Racial Thought in Brazil, founded on February 10, 2014, by Professor Jaqueline Conceição da Silva. It is composed of black professors and researchers, and offers courses, training, workshops, lectures and advice in the online modality through the NKANDA course and content platforms on black feminism and racial thinking in Brazil; and the content platform for teachers, KUKALA, E in person, through the Casa Preta Platform, offering courses throughout Brazil and the World, whose headquarters are in the city of Florianópolis in Santa Catarina. They already manage Wikipedia edit-a-thons.
  • Afrotometria is a collective from São Paulo formed by six black photographers who came together in 2018, with the objective of combating racism within the photographic area. They have developed projects and exhibitions since then.


We establish that we would run several offline workshops around the country, pushed by Coletivo Di Jeje, that have a strong network capable to activate several collectives across Brazil. As a prize for the participation, we would run a travelling exhibition in at least 3 places, from different states of Brazil, all we also would have an event to discuss African aesthetics.

We had to hold the plans due to the pandemic.


The major one was the pandemic, that stopped all the offline activities, and, ironic, we couldn't reorganise ourselves in time to run online activities.

We also did not had support from Wikimedia volunteers, the sysops from CentralNotice do not included our banner, just because one volunteer, not related to Lusophone community complained about the amount of banners (he always complains about at CentralNotice). We also faced societal racism when we published the contest at Wikipedia-pt.


We had a shy but interesting participations, Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2020 in Brazil, great for learning, and a good reminder on how far the Humanity is from be the one tribe.