Wiki Loves Africa 2021/Meetings/Feb 06th : IP and licences

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Meeting Saturday 06th Feb, 10 am UTC+1[edit]

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  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Licenses issues
  • Rules and howtos on Wikimedia Commons with regards to IP, licences and legal considerations


1. Every picture produced is covered by IP rights (Flo)
Quick overview of what copyright is. Which rights are concerned. Implications. Userpage on Commons. Author attribution on uploaded files.

2. Duration of copyright is variable depending on the country (Flo)
Berne convention. Where to find info for each country. What happen when copyright term is over (public domain). What are limitations and exceptions ?

3. Creative Commons licences facilitate use, redistribution, remixing of content protected by copyright (Flo)
Why putting an image under a licence. Quick review of CC licences and terms of use. What "free licence" means. Implications for the Commons photographer.

4. Only specific licences are accepted on Wikimedia Commons (Isaac)
Review of possible licences for media added on Commons. What are the acceptable file formats for images, audios and videos.

5. Threshold of originality helps decide whether an image is copyrightable or not (Isaac)
What is threshold of originality. What's a derivative work. What are limitations with regards to objects I can photography ?

6. De minimis (Isaac)
What is de minimis ? When does it apply ? Situation per country. Where to find info about it.

7. Freedom of panorama, or lack thereof, limits uploads to Commons (Isaac)
What is freedom of panorama ? How does it apply per country ? Where to find the info.

8. Photographs of people: legal rights of the subjects constitute non-copyright restrictions (Isaac)
Legal issues. Country specific situations.

9. Use of watermarks on Commons is limited (Isaac)
Watermarks on Commons. Exif data.

10. The Commons community is actively reviewing the copyright situation of images uploaded (Isaac)
Elements to be aware of (rules etc.). Responding to requests. What are the consequences of uploading a copyrighted image. Consequences of repeated offense.

11. Permissions can be confirmed by email per request (Florence)
How does the OTRS system operates

12. Proper attribution of images published under CC licences (Florence)
Good practices for users of your images. What to expect.