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Executive summary[edit]

The general survey and the organizers interviews were conducted to know how best to improve on the 2023 edition of the Wiki Loves Africa contest. The general survey and the organizers interview reports highlight the need to improve communications around the theme of each Wiki Loves Africa year, in order to help participants understand what entries should be submitted. The reports also emphasize on need to improve general communications in various languages beyond the English language, in order to foster inclusivity and diversity. Both general survey and organizers interviews revealed the participants and local organizers felt greatly supported by the Wiki Loves Africa international team. The 2022 theme was also widely appealing to the participants, amongst other elements. There also was a call to increase the International prize categories, as Africa has many countries. In line with the findings, the Wiki Loves Africa international team will be improving of theme communication and other recommendations as highlighted by the reports. More details are contained in the various survey reports.

Survey presentation[edit]

WLA 2022 general survey report

This year, one general survey and one online-interview with organizers were carried out to get feedback from the community as to the importance of Wiki Loves Africa to their Wikimedia activities and to the larger ecosystem.

Facts about the interview (Organizer Interview) include:

WLA 2022 organizers interview report
  • The virtual interview was conducted between end of October and end of November 2022
  • It was run by Wiki Loves Africa Admin, Ceslause
  • The recorded and transcribed version of the interview is not published on this page
  • The targeted respondents were the National/Community Organizers of Wiki Loves Africa 2022
  • Please note the interview was conducted via Google meet for the Lead/Community Organizers
  • This interview took around 30 to 45 minutes of your time.
  • Please note that questions may differ depending on some of the answers provided at the beginning of the survey
  • The interview is available in English and French translations (sorry, no other language)

Facts about the general survey (participants and contestants Survey) include:

  • The survey was run between end of October to 15th December 2022
  • It was run through a Qualtrix account operated by Anthere
  • The survey results are anonymized and a summary published on this page
  • The targeted respondents were the participants to the contest, general organizers of Wiki Loves Africa contest as well as any interested party. This can include members of African chapters and User Groups, unaffiliated African community member interested in organizing events in Africa, staff from any Wikimedia entities interested in Wiki Loves projects, community members from everywhere interested in Wiki Loves projects. The people NOT targeted were the former participants to the contest (eg, the 10,000+ submitters of images). Accordingly, the survey was primarily distributed through our community networks and to people we identified as relevant to have a say when it comes to the organization of a Wiki Loves contest.
  • Please note the survey was distributed through reusable anonymous link. We expect participants to behave and refrain from participating several times ;)
  • This survey takes around 10 to 15 minutes of your time.
  • Please note that questions may differ depending on some of the answers provided at the beginning of the survey
  • The survey was available in English with French translations (sorry, no other language)
  • Emails addresses, real name, or pseudo are not collected.
  • The general survey for Wiki Loves Africa 2022 participants can be accessed here:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond and helping Wiki Loves Africa to move forward.

Privacy statement survey of the organizers[edit]

Purpose of survey : This survey will aid Wiki Loves Africa organizers in assessing what worked and did not work in 2022, and what should be improved in 2023 process. What Information We Collect : this survey collects the responses you provide to the questions asked; there are two types of answers: defined responses, and free-form responses.

Information Sharing and Disclosure : the results of this survey is shared publicly in the following manner. Aggregate data about the defined-response questions, and some anonymized quotes from the free-form response questions, will be published on the Wiki Loves Africa 2022/Survey page on Raw data will only be shared with Anthere and the WMF. We may disclose any collected information when required by law, when we have your permission, when needed to protect our rights, privacy, safety, users, or the general public, and when necessary to enforce our Terms of Use or any other Wikimedia policy. Licensing of Survey Responses : by answering the free-form response questions, you agree that we may record your answers, and agree to donate them to the public domain under the terms of Creative Commons Zero 1.0 (full text available here).

The survey was run through a Qualtrix account operated by Anthere (Florence Devouard) and Ceslause Ogbonnaya. Anthere and Ceslause agreed to respect the WMF-Provided Qualtrics Terms of Use. This survey data is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Please note that this survey is powered by a third-party provider, Qualtrix, which means their use of your information is governed by their Privacy Statement and Terms of Service.

By submitting your response, you agreed to the transfer, storage, and use of the collected information to the United States, and other locations that may have different or less stringent data protection laws than your country, as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives discussed above. The results of this survey will be retained indefinitely. See WMF data retention guidelines for more information.

For questions about this survey, or to update your answers, email contact Anthere (


The photo contest Wiki Loves Africa has been operating for 8 years.

  • Wiki Loves Africa 2022, February-April 2022 on the theme of Home + Habitat
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2021, February-April 2021 on the theme of Health + Wellness
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2020, February 2019 on the theme of transportation
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2019, February 2019 on the theme of play
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2017, October-November 2017 on the theme of people at work
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2016, December 2016-January 2017 on the theme of music and dance
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2015, October-November 2015 on the theme of fashion and adornment
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2014, October-November 2014 on the theme of cuisine