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Kevin Golde (Wikiolo),
Kathrin Herwig (Kaethe17)
+ other members of WLB team


Angertorstraße 3
80469 Munich
e-mail: rundfunk(_AT_) 


Wiki Loves Broadcast is a project by the Wikipedia community that aims at strengthening collaborations with public broadcasters. The primary goal is to be able to freely use content from public broadcasters on Wikimedia projects. It started in 2016 as an initiative of the German-speaking Wikipedia community, supported by Wikimedia Germany, but plans to extend its reach across projects, countries and languages.

Idea and scope[edit]

Content produced by public broadcasters, especially if with an educational function, aligns well with content of Wikimedia projects. Selected content from public broadcasters could in principle be reused on other platforms, including Wikimedia projects. However, a free license is required for Wikimedia projects. Therefore, public broadcasters should work towards free licenses for (parts of) their content and develop a new model of creating freely licensed content, in consultation with everyone involved in the process.

The possibility to upload and embed professionally produced, high-quality multimedia material can be a considerable improvement for Wikimedia projects, while public broadcasters can reach a potentially larger audience with their content through its use on Wikimedia projects. For Wikipedia, short audio and video clips (but also photos) of public figures and of events from contemporary history can be major improvements of articles.

For content that cannot be used directly on the Wikimedia projects, public broadcasters should at least provide better access to their archives and online platforms, so that they can easily be referenced from Wikimedia projects.


  • Discuss the copyright situation between public broadcasters and Wikimedia Germany. Move towards free CC licenses as a standard on the long run.
  • Involve the communities of various projects, so they can participate in and supervise the embedding of new content. Public broadcasters can upload their content directly through verified accounts.
  • Introduce permanent links to content in the online platforms of public broadcasters.
  • Introduce the option to download content directly from the online platforms.
  • Convince public broadcasters to freely license and upload relevant press photos.


See de:Wikipedia:Wiki Loves Broadcast/Dokumentation.