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Wiki Loves Dubbing (Commons: Wiki Loves Dubbing) is an initiative to illustrate fictional characters and interpretative works by using free-licenced pieces of voice acting.


This is not a contest of any kind, but a long-term project focused on voice acting as a mean to better illustrate articles about fictitional characters, movies, tv series, anime and the works of actors and actresses around the world.

There are no prizes or timelines of any kind, although some regionals events may be arranged. The first of all was the Valencian dubbing Wikiproject, hold in the Catalan wikipedia in August, 2020. It was an edition contest aimed to improve 40 specific articles, with pieces of voice acting by ten different artists provided by User:TaronjaSatsuma. Six of whom were men and four were women.

Examples of Media that can be used[edit]

Original audio tracks[edit]

Edited audio tracks[edit]

Where to ask questions?[edit]

The primary place for questions or suggestions is the talk page, you can also contact User:TaronjaSatsuma or Amical Wikimedia.

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