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Queer History in the Digital: We are here, we are queer - where is our history?
18 September 2022

While global historical events shaped the LGBTIAQ+ community as a whole forever, regional communities are also deeply shaped by their own countries history and culture and have their own distinct queer history to tell. On the 18th of September, the last day of EuroPride 2022 we want to invite the LGBTIAQ+ wiki community to discuss queer (European) history in the digital space.

The digital space offers members of the LGBTIAQ+ community resources, information and ways to connect with each other. People are able to find their truth and their community through the internet. Still, the absence of queer history in digital spaces is overwhelming and the community has to fight every day to keep information online and accessible. In celebration of EuroPride 2022, we want to highlight ongoing projects in the European community at this event and discuss how we can document queer history online, make it more accessible and how we can stand together when faced with both resistance and risks while doing so. What problems do we encounter individually or as a community at large? What inspires you? What part of your own local queer history do you want to see online?

Date: 18th of September 2022
Time: 16:00 - 18:00 CEST
Language: The main language of the event will be English
Event tool: Zoom

To participate, please register via:

Attendance will be limited so if you want to be part of the event make sure to register on time! On the day of the event we will send out the Zoom-link to all participants. If you want to attend the event, but stay anonymous, you can turn off your camera and use an alias/nickname.

For questions, ideas and other input you can email to: cin.pietschmann(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)de.