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Ethics of Open Sharing with Creative Commons & Wiki Loves Living Heritage

Creative Commons with Wikimedia Foundation Culture and Heritage and Let's Connect invite our communities to advocate for open access to living heritage documentation.

Open Access, open data, open content all stand for materials that have entered the public domain or been placed to public use by their creators. They are shared with others, so that the others can build upon them and take further care of them. While sharing information openly is an important opportunity to pass on the knowledge of the generations, it can potentially expose the knowledge to misuse. Advocating for open access to cultural heritage comes with a responsibility to consider the range of possible consequences that come along with wide and open sharing of documentation on traditional knowledge, skills, rituals, or information that is not meant for the public.

Interpretation in French, Portuguese and Spanish will be provided.


Welcome and introduction

The working group for the Ethics of Open Sharing under Creative Commons' Open Culture Platform has identified some of the tricky ethical considerations regarding the opening up of cultural heritage. This webinar invites to continue these conversations together with wikimedians and Living Heritage experts and networks over the Wiki Loves Living Heritage Campaign year 2023.

  • Creative Commons Open Culture Program, and the working group on the Ethics of Open SharingJocelyn Miyara
  • Ethical sharing in Wiki Loves Living HeritageJorijn Neyrinck and Susanna Ånäs

Panel & presentations

The panel discusses the tension between copyright and traditional knowledge. In the online space we need to have practices to meet the needs of both protecting and opening.

  • Melissa Shaginoff • Alaska office of the Arctic Studies Center (Smithsonian)
  • Shailili Zamora Aray • Centro de Documentación Indígena No'lhametwet
  • Patricia Adjei • First Nations Arts and Culture director (Australia Council for the Arts)
  • Mehtab Khan • Wikimedia Initiative on Intermediaries and Information (Yale Law School)

Ethics of Open Sharing card deck

The Ethical Sharing card deck will be published at the event. It is based on the observations of the Ethics of Open Sharing working group that have been turned into a card game to encourage attendees to navigate the ethical considerations. The cards are an adaptation of the MOI playing cards, a project by NEMO. Finnish Heritage Agency has supported the creation of the cards.

  • Bart Magnus, Isaac Oloruntimilehin

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