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Wiki Loves Pride/Activities

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Any LGBT events or organizations interested in doing an activity or event contributing content to a Wikimedia project in the months of June and October (potentially February in the UK) could fall under the umbrella of Wiki Loves Pride.

Hosting an event or activity[edit]

  1. Sign up you or your group us a participant
  2. Check out the examples of activities you can host or participate in
  3. Add your planned activity to this page

Activities you can do on your own[edit]

Photos and videos[edit]

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video can speak thousands more. Making photos and videos of LGBT culture and history available for use around the world increases awareness of LGBT people.

Expand Wikipedia's LGBT content[edit]

Share your knowledge of LGBT issues, organizations, people, and history with the world by contributing content to LGBT related articles on Wikipedia.

Cover LGBT events on Wikinews[edit]

Attend your local Pride or LGBT events and submit a news article about the event to Wikinews.