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Wiki Loves Science

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This is a project for raising awareness through Writing, Translating and publishing scientific articles with photos and images on Arabic Wikipedia. Our main concern is to fill the gap in the scientific Arabic content on Wikipedia and do this with high quality. The project will take the contest form and will be divided into three section;

  1. Edit-a-thon The Writing and translating section: The subjects that will be covered in this project are filtered and prioritized based on some criteria like;
    1. Does this article describe community-related problems in a scientific way (ex. water/agricultural problems)? Is there a scientific solution added?!
    2. Does this article document a natural or manmade problem?!
    3. Does this article meet with an international trend?!
  2. The Scientific Photo Contest; This part will accept any photo or image that describes, illustrates and documents any science-related topic. The contest will pay attention for the uploads to be used on other Wiki projects (rather than Wiki commons).
  3. The Scientific Video Contest; This part will accept any video that describes, illustrates, documents or simplifies any science-related topic or theory. The contest will pay attention for the uploads to be used on other Wiki projects (rather than Wiki commons).

Project Goals[edit]

This project has the following goals:

  1. Lead the first WikiArabia scientific Edit-a-athon in MENA region
  2. Lead the Wiki Loves Science contest for the first time in Egypt.
  3. Lead the first scientific videos contest in the arabic Wikipedia.
  4. Help recruiting new volunteer editors for Arabic Wikipedia and wiki commons projects with special interest in Scientific articles.

Project plan[edit]

  1. Recruit new editors for Wikimedia projects
  2. Engage existing editors
  3. Raising awareness of the use of Wikimedia in science by using online media and outreach events


This project has included the following activities;

  1. Organizing an edit-athon workshop for volunteers and participants to get familiar with the Wikipedia community, uploading photos and how to edit on Arabic Wikipedia.
  2. Organizing a Photo Competition.
  3. Advertising Campaign online and offline.

Project Impact[edit]

This project expects to reach and recruit new editors from different backgrounds and those who are interested to expand the scientific content on different Wikimedia project and especially on Arabic Wikipedia, wiki commons and wiki data.

Measures of Success[edit]

  1. +1500 photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Upload scientific videos in Arabic or translated into Arabic.
  3. Recruitment +15 new users to create accounts on Wikimedia projects.
  4. Increasing skills for editing for the new users by wiki commons and Wikipedia.
  5. +3 Featured photos, quality and value images nominated on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons.
  6. Organize an Editathon for writing and developing scientific articles.

Scoring System[edit]

The project will run a scoring system that guarantees the highest impact on different Wikimedia projects. These are the rules

  1. +10 point for each +1,000 bytes of added content in any language.
  2. +20 point for each image added to a Wikipedia article (including in the one you create).
  3. +30 point for each video added to a Wikipedia article (including in the one you create).
  4. +25 point for each corresponding Wikidata item that you improve.
  5. +25 points for each new translation of an article in any language.
  6. +60 points for a Good Article in any language.
  7. +100 points for a Featured Article in any language.

Project Resources[edit]

The main organizer of the project is Kamal Osama with the valuable help of the coordinator Reem Al-Kashif. I am managing the coordination with the Foundation and the community members, doing community outreach through the aforementioned channels, creating the landing page in AR, and distributing funds. Reem is helping me with contacting local organizations and putting down suggestions for places and spending plans.

Project Budget[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 ِSocial media developer/ Advertising Poster printing and Online Ads 100 $ We will use media websites to promote the contest and print posters to be published in public places.
2 Regular Meetups for the Edit-a-athon (2-3 Meetups with Editors and contributors) 700 700 $ Gathering volunteers for writing aricles on Environmental problems and solutions
3 Prizes for Judges 300 300 300 $
4 Short Trip 400 $ 400 400 $ to three different sites inside the great Cairo with different cases
5 4 Prizes for the winners Prizes 500 500 $
Total $2000 $

Project contributors[edit]

  • Lamiaa Nail, Scientific Committee Coordinator
  • Rana Abdelaziz, Cultural programs Coordinator at Goethe Institut
  • Kareem Khaled, Managing director at Benaa Foundation