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SheSaid Zimbabwe-Mashonaland Campaign 2021 initiative is aimed at celebrating notable women in the Zimbabwean communities in the upper region of the country comprising of Mashonaland, Manicaland and Masvingo Provinces. The drive is aimed at improving the visibility of Zimbabwean women by improving and creating entries related to them through the Wikiquote. The project is launched as part of individual grant Grants:Project/Rapid/ChabbieCee/She Said but will be collaborated by like minded team of individuals whose vision is to bridge the gender gap on the Wikipedia platforms.

Official Wiki Loves Women logo for across Africa
Official Wiki Loves Women logo for across Africa

Details of Activities[edit]

The Project is designed into two main interventions training and edit-a-thones on three target institutions.

  • Preparation and Planning: August 2021
  • Training Sessions: September 2021 – October 2021
  • Three (one day) Training Sessions between September- October 2021
  • Three (one day) edit-a -thons on SaidSaid Zimbabwe 2021 Campaign with the trained participants and other interested members: October - November 20
  • Reconciling the SheSaid Campaign 2021 Content and Prize Presentation for the best 3 contributors.
  • Reporting and Closing : December -January 2021



  • User:ChabbieCee - Morleen C Bortman | Project Coodinator Mashonaland and Manicaland
  • User:Macdeenhakura Macdonald Nhakura - Wikipedian
  • User:Beauty Kaseke - Wikipedian
  • Godfrey Matsika - IP Liason
  • Petronella Garande -Librarian
  • Andrew Banda - Photographer
  • Kudzi - ICTS
  • Melody - Graphic Designer

Key Mentors [edit]

Events [edit]

  • Planning and Budgets
  • Training - 1
  • Training - 2
  • Training - 3
  • Edit-a-thon - 1
  • Edit-a-thon - 2
  • Edit-a thon - 3
  • Prize Giving and Report Writing

Social Media Channels[edit]