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Wiki Movement Brazil User Group/Internal Rules of Procedure/en

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Internal regulations
for general governance

Overall Framework

  • The Wiki Movimento Brasil ensures that all its members express themselves with free will and can present and debate their viewpoints, ensuring mechanisms for implementing what is approved and/or agreed upon in the appropriate instances of WMB.
  • Decisions of the Executive Board must be made in accordance with Brazilian law and the WMB statute.

Election of the Executive Board

  • According to Article 27 of the WMB statute, the Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the EB, shall consist of three members, elected by the General Assembly, which shall designate the President, Vice President, and Financial Director at the time of the election. The term of office for EB members shall be four years, with the possibility of re-election.
  • According to Articles 30 and 31 of the WMB statute, the election of the EB shall take place at a regular meeting of the WMB General Assembly.
  • The election of EB members shall be by slate, by secret ballot, and through a ballot listing the names of all members of each slate, indicating who will hold the positions of President, Vice President, and Financial Director. Candidates from the slate receiving the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected.
  • In case of a tie between two or more slates, a new vote shall be conducted.

Responsibilities of the Executive Board

  • At the ordinary general assemblies each year, the EB must present the strategic direction of WMB, as well as its goals for the year.
  • The EB must approve the budget in cooperation with the coordinator and manage and monitor the allocation of resources necessary to achieve the association's goals in accordance with Brazilian legislation requirements and the Wikimedia movement's mission.
  • The EB must ensure that the interests of the Wiki Movimento Brasil are prioritized in all contexts.
  • The EB must adopt a practice of transparency and publicity of its activities.
  • The EB governs the structure and responsibilities of the coordination position:
  • The EB is responsible for authorizing the hiring and dismissal of the coordination, adhering to the descriptive prescriptions of the position in question (APPENDIX 1) and Brazilian labor legislation.
  • In the case of dismissal, plausible justification and the opportunity for rebuttal must be widely granted.
  • The EB must meet at least twice a year to fulfill its duties.

Coordination Position

  • The coordinator, hereafter referred to as the CO, is responsible for the operations of WMB.
  • The CO sets priorities and delegates operations to the professional team to achieve the goals agreed upon with the Executive Board.
  • The CO ensures that the professional team is suitable for the operational needs of WMB.

Functions of the Coordinator

  • The CO oversees the implementation of the organization's strategy in its operations.
  • Within the approved budget limits, decisions regarding budget execution are the responsibility of the CO.
  • Budget control, including fiscal and accounting control, is the responsibility of the CO.
  • Projects and partnerships, whether national or international, fall under the responsibility of the CO.
  • The CO assumes responsibility for human resources.
  • The CO conducts performance evaluation interviews, goal planning sessions, and exercises managerial authority, as well as supervision and leadership.
  • The CO has the final decision on hiring human resources, whether employees or service providers.
  • The CO is responsible for producing and communicating annual activity reports and the annual financial balance.
  • The CO manages internal and external communication.

Cooperation between the Coordinator and the Executive Board

  • The CO must maintain regular and proactive communication with the EB.
  • The CO supports the EB in its decision-making and executes EB decisions.
  • Typically, the CO participates in EB meetings in an advisory capacity. In the absence of the CO, a representative appointed by the CO may participate.

General Incompatibilities

  • No one can simultaneously serve as an employee of WMB, the Executive Board, and/or the Governance Committee.
  • If a WMB employee wishes to run for a position on the EB, they must resign before assuming the potential position. This rule also applies vice versa.

Participation in the EB is prohibited for employees of any organization affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) or the WMF itself.