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Wiki Pathshala

The Wiki Pathshala is a Wiki Club in Kolkata, India. Its mission is to extend the reach of Open Movement Activities through Wikimedia Projects, digitizing open resources, bringing in new editors, open access and education programs in emerging communities. One of its core missions is to aid and encourage people to join the open knowledge movement to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or under a license that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify that content freely.


  1. Reaching out to communities where there is little or no activity of Open Movement
  2. Promoting Open Access culture and Open Data
  3. Open GLAM
  4. Open Education and Open Education Resources
  5. Documenting indigenous knowledge of emerging communities, text and videos
  6. Developing opportunities for under-represented and marginalized communities
  7. Curating a database for indigenous languages


Workshop on Wikimedia Commons

Note: The page is under construction